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Haloti Ngata Battling Troy Polamalu Before Thanksgiving


Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata and Steelers safety Troy Polamalu will have battled each other for a week before they step onto the field for Thanksgiving football.

The two defensive stars have been participating in the Blitz Hunger virtual rivalry food drive trying to raise more money than the other in their respective cities.

Right now Ngata is ahead with more than $25,000 raised while Polamalu has raised just over $20,000. But Ngata needs your help to finish the job. Donations can be made until midnight on Thanksgiving, Nov. 28.

"Right now, I'm up, so that's pretty cool," Ngata said. "So if we win, hopefully we win two things in one day – that would be cool."

Donations on Ngata's side benefit the Maryland Food Bank. Even the smallest donation of $10 will pay for a macaroni and cheese dinner. The largest of $500 will help provide more than 1,000 meals to hungry children. There are many options in between.

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