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Joe Buck Put the Announcer's Jinx on Justin Tucker

K Justin Tucker
K Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker is automaTUCK, but even he isn't immune to a blatant announcer's jinx.

Coming into Tuesday's game, Tucker had made 70 straight field goals from within 40 yards. When he lined up for a 36-yard attempt in the second quarter, FOX Sports announcer Joe Buck pointed it out.

"It's nice when you've got a kicker like that you can depend on," analyst Troy Aikman added. "We'll see if he keeps that streak alive here."

"I'm just gonna say he is," Buck responded. "No announcer's jinx, come on."

When Tucker pulled the kick barely wide left, Aikman chuckled and said, "Wow."

"Who gets blamed for that? Me? You? The center? The holder? The kicker?" Buck said.

The Internet knows who …

It should be noted that Tucker made a 31-yard attempt just before the miss, but it was wiped off because of a false start penalty. It was just the second miss in 23 attempts this season for the NFL's all-time accuracy leader.

It also should be pointed out that kicking was especially tough in Tuesday night's cold and windy conditions at M&T Bank Stadium. Cowboys kicker Greg Zuerlein missed three field goals – from 40, 52 and 53 yards. It was the first time in four years that Zuerlein missed multiple field goals in a game.

So who deserves more blame, Buck or the conditions?

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