Lamar Jackson Will Be Involved in Coordinator Search, Tweets About Pro-Style Offense

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) and John Harbaugh takes the field to face the New York Giants during an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022, in East Rutherford, N.J.

The Ravens' search for a new offensive coordinator begins immediately, and Head Coach John Harbaugh is expecting a deep pool of suitors.

Even though Lamar Jackson's contract status remains up in the air, Harbaugh said he's not at all concerned about attracting an outside hire who may have questions about the future of his quarterback.

"This is going to be a highly sought-after job; this is one of the top football coaching jobs in the world. Everybody's going to want this job," Harbaugh said Thursday.

"So, I'm looking forward to getting started, and it won't just be me; it'll be other coaches and scouts involved in it. We're going to cast a wide net, and we're going to look far and wide and close. We'll get the best fit for what we're trying to accomplish, and it's going to be a highly-qualified candidate."

Harbaugh's faith in having Jackson running the show for more years is backed up by his inclusion of Jackson in the hiring process. Harbaugh spoke with Jackson Thursday and already asked him for his thoughts on the next offensive coordinator.

"He will be involved in it," Harbaugh said. "I'll keep him abreast to what's going on, and I'm sure he'll have some input along the way. But I know his focus – like he told me – is going to be on getting himself ready and getting his guys ready for next season." 

Jackson does have thoughts on the style of offense he can run, which he shared on Twitter.

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