Lamar Jackson's Signing Pen Is Up for Auction

QB Lamar Jackson

It was a historic day for the Ravens last Thursday when Lamar Jackson inked his five-year contract extension. Now fans can own a piece of that history.

One of the pens Jackson used to sign his contract, the largest in NFL history, is available for purchase via auction through Ravens Auctions.

All proceeds generated by the auction of the player's signing pen will go toward the Ravens Foundation, which is the team's charitable arm committed to encouraging and enabling the healthy development of youth in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland.

Jackson's pen isn't the only one available for purchase. The Ravens have launched auctions for other players' pens too, and fans can now expect them after signings.

Every player uses three different pens to sign his new contract, each inscribed with his name, signature and signing date. One pen is kept by the player, one is kept by the Ravens, and the third goes to auction. The pens and inscriptions are provided and produced by Meritage Jewelers.

The top bid on Jackson's pen is currently more than $1,300. Odell Beckham Jr.'s pen has topped $500 and Roquan Smith's pen is nearing $500, as of Monday morning. The pen used by first-round wide receiver Zay Flowers will also be going up for auction soon.

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