Mike Wallace Lambeau Leaps After Spectacular One-Handed Touchdown

When you make a touchdown catch like Mike Wallace did Sunday in Green Bay, you get to celebrate however you like.

Wallace hauled in a spectacular 21-yard grab with one hand to give the Ravens a 13-0 lead in the third quarter. He had a Packers defender draped all over him, but still made the play.

"It was pretty decent," Wallace joked. "Great to get a touchdown, great to get in the end zone and put some points up for my team."

So Wallace did what one does in Lambeau Field. He did the Lambeau Leap.

Wallace even found some Ravens fans sitting in the front row who were more than happy to welcome the veteran wideout into the stands.

"Had to; it's a legendary field," Wallace said.

"I started not to do it because I was like, 'They're probably going to push me out of the stands.' But I found a Ravens fan. They gave me a good 10 seconds before they started pushing me out, so it was fun."

Wallace finished the game with four catches for 56 yards and the touchdown.

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