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News & Notes: Lamar Jackson's Thoughts on Dez Bryant

Left: QB Lamar Jackson; Right: WR Dez Bryant
Left: QB Lamar Jackson; Right: WR Dez Bryant

With free-agent wide receiver Dez Bryant is reportedly in the Baltimore area for a workout with the Ravens, Lamar Jackson was asked Tuesday about the possibility of playing with the three-time Pro Bowler.

"We've got a lot of great receivers on the team right now," Jackson said. "It's up to the front office. I've been seeing Dez Bryant on Instagram and stuff like that, running his routes, competing against cornerbacks. He's looking pretty good on social media. If the front office likes him, we'll have to see when he gets here."

Bryant has made it clear that he's intrigued by the possibility of playing with Jackson. When caught up with Bryant at BWI airport Monday night, the former Dallas Cowboys receiver said he became of fan of Jackson's years ago.

"He's the man," Bryant told TMZ. "Hell yeah. I've been rooting for Lamar since his Louisville days. Anybody that knows me knows that."

Bryant has not played in the NFL since 2017, but he is still only 31 years old, and he's sending out consistent signals that he's serious about restarting his career.

But Jackson is focused on getting better every day in practice, working with the receivers who are already on the roster. Jackson likes what he sees from the Ravens' young receiving corps.

"They're workaholics right now," Jackson said. "It's just the second day. We're just going to have to keep stacking."

Marcus Peters Sees Every Pass as a 50-50 Shot at Interception

Pro Bowl cornerback Marcus Peters has the most interceptions (27) of any player since entering the league in 2015. His success is part talent, part dedication, and part mindset.

Marlon Humphrey gained insight into Peters' thinking last season when they were talking football. Humphrey asked Peters which plays he thought were an opportunity for an interception.

"'I think I see a couple of plays where I could maybe steal some interceptions. Tell me what you're seeing,'" Humphrey said. "And he was like, 'I think I can get an interception on every single play.' And I'm like, 'Uh, well … I'm just trying to pick out a couple.' He's like, 'Every single one.' So, he sees it a lot different than the average corner."

Peters will be playing his first full season with the Ravens after being acquired in a trade with the Los Angeles Rams prior to Week 7 last year. Being more familiar with the Ravens' system could make it even more dangerous for quarterbacks to throw in his direction.

"Every time the quarterback drops back to pass, our chances of picking it off is 50-50," Peters said. "Why not give yourself a chance, an opportunity at making a play? Once the ball's in the air, it's see ball, get ball, whoever can go get it first."

RG3's Having His Best Ravens Camp

Playing behind the league's MVP in Jackson has done nothing to diminish the work ethic of Robert Griffin III. He views himself as a starting quarterback and prepares like one. Entering his third season with the Ravens, Griffin continues to impress people in training camp with his daily approach.

"RG3, having the best camp since he's been here," Head Coach John Harbaugh said. "He's really playing well. He's throwing the ball well. He's been hot."

Griffin fooled the defense on one play in Monday's practice, faking a pass outside before flipping a pass over the middle to a wide-open tight end. Griffin was clearly pumped up about the play and got a slap on the helmet from Head Coach John Harbaugh.

Jackson has noticed the same things and appreciates being in the quarterback room with Griffin.

"For sure," Jackson said. "I've been seeing him since my rookie year, and he's been preparing the same way. He goes out there and grinds. Even pre-practice he's getting his work in. He practices how he plays."

Jackson Hopes He Can Stick With Visor

Jackson has been wearing a tinted visor during practices, but said he wasn't sure he'd get clearance from the league to wear it during games.

"Hopefully, if I'm able to wear that visor," Jackson said. "I hope I can. I don't know. It's just a practice thing right now."

Jackson wore a microphone during Monday's practice, and the passion he brings to his job was evident. At one point, Jackson was heard telling teammates Willie Snead IV and Marquise "Hollywood" Brown that he would break some long touchdown runs this year.

Jackson said he made the comment because he thought he had scored on a long run, but Jackson was told by coaches that someone had touched him, killing the play before he reached the end zone.

"I felt like I scored on the play," Jackson said. "That's why I ended up saying that. If I have to run for a long touchdown, I will. I'm just trying to win at the end of the day."

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