Postgame Transcript - Preseason 4 vs. Falcons


Head Coach John Harbaugh

On tonight's performance:"It was a good night for the guys especially the defense which did an outstanding job. Special teams did an excellent job. We stayed healthy. The only issue we encountered this game was Tyrod Taylor and his small injury that might just be a bruised shoulder. We will see how serious it is tomorrow, but it looks like it won't be that serious. If we find out he can't play then we will definitely have an issue."

On Jason Philips and Chykie Brown:"Jason Philips is outstanding and really stepped up. He was all over the field making tackles. Chykie did really well. He was up and down at camp and understanding the defense (from a) discipline standpoint. Chykie got out there and made a lot of the right decisions."

QB Joe Flacco

On how the preseason went"We are comfortable with the guys we got and will keep preparing for the first game September 11th and get ready to go."

Are you relieved that Tyrod Taylor was not hurt more seriously"Definitely. You just want to make sure that he is OK for the long run. It seems like it's nothing too serious."

Do you feel comfortable with him as the backup and what he's done so far"Yeah. He's the one that will be going in there. If that happens I'm not too concerned about that. I think the team should feel confident on how he has done."

Are you glad that preseason is over"Definitely. I think that we had a good one (preseason) and got some work in and got ready to go."

G Marshal Yanda

Did you get enough time to gel"Yes. We have a veteran group of guys who take the right approach and work hard everyday and preparing for week 1. We are not worried about it and excited for the opportunity. We'll work hard everyday to get as most prepared as we can for week one.

What are the most important things over the next week to work on"Just preparing for Pittsburgh, their defenses and their blitzes and pick up who is coming. Making sure us and the backs are on the same page." 

NT Terence Cody

Fourth pre-season games means what for you?"We played well tonight. It was a chance to see some of the young guys perform. I saw a lot of good things. Hey, I'm still developing myself, man."

Are you focused on Pittsburgh?"Oh yea, completely. We've been focused on Pittsburgh for the past couple of weeks now. We've got a solid team, and everyone will be ready. Part of tonight was developing the young guys, but making sure no one got hurt either."

S Ed Reed

Describe tonight's effort:"This game was nothing more than trying to fill out both sides of the line of scrimmage. You motivate the young ones, and even though I didn't play tonight, you always working. Any way you can get better is good. If that's encouraging a young guy, that's what it is. Any way you can get better – and that's all of us – then that's a good thing."

It was the ending last year the Ravens envisioned. What changes this year:"We know how we lost the last the game last year, and it didn't sit well with any of us. This year we are a far more disciplined and focused team. We've been focused on Sept. 11 against the Steelers for some time. I mean we are pointing toward that like I've never seen this team. We'll be ready.

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