Postgame Transcript - Week 7 vs. Jaguars


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(on the game) "Obviously, congratulations to Jacksonville. They came in and won the game. They beat us. They basically beat us with their defense. Congratulations to their coaches, their players. They deserve the victory and they earned it. That's where we're at."

(on the lack of offense)"I don't think there's any one thing. It's just basically lack of execution. We had some missed assignments. We had some missed blocks. They outplayed us one on one. We talk about beating your man, but they beat their man a heck of a lot more than we beat our man. It's about as bad as you can play on offense. I don't know if you can play any worse than that until that one last drive. that's what we've got to take a look at and we've got to fix it because we have to come back and play on Sunday. The good news is it's one loss. As bad as it was on that side of the ball, it's just one loss."

(on if he considered kicking the ball deep after the touchdown and putting the defense back on the field) "Absolutely, we considered that, but I decided I wanted to go for the onside kick because I felt like we needed the short field and I felt like we were going to get the onside kick. I think if you look at the way it was executed, we would have gotten it if it had been kicked a little better. You have to kick the ball ten yards. Billy (Cundiff) knows that. If we had kicked the ball ten yards, I believe we would get it and we would have been in good shape. We would have had the best possible chance of winning the game but you could certainly make the argument the other way."

(on what he said at halftime) "The main think we work on is football stuff at halftime. There were no motivational speech needed. We tried to find what we needed to do to come out and win the game in the second half and what we needed was to find the things we could execute on offense and we didn't do as good a job as we needed to on that."

(If he thinks Jacksonville was a dangerous team coming in)"We've said all week they are a very good football team. They could have been five and one coming into this game. When you watch them play, they lost a lot of tough games and played a lot of good teams really well. They're going to be in there at the end, I'm pretty sure."

(on why he was upset at the end of the game on the Jaguars' kickoff) "They had 12 guys on the field and then the clock ran out, so it was delay of game. He also went behind the five yard marker, so I didn't understand why the flag wasn't thrown. That would have pushed them back five yards, I mean the way he kicked the ball, he still kicked it out (of the end zone), but you never know…maybe he would have kicked it so we might have had a return. I don't understand why a flag wasn't thrown, but we'll try to find the answer to that this week."

QB Joe Flacco

(on the loss)"It wasn't good football. You saw it. We felt it. They're a good defense and a physical defense. We were able to give them momentum and let them keep it here at home. I'm guessing we didn't execute well. I don't think it has to be with being flat. We just didn't play a good football game and they beat us."

(on having to come from behind)"We had some room in there in the second half, but it was tight coverage. They were holding our guys a little bit and it was tough for our guys to separate. I thought we could get a couple of those early on and we didn't. That's the name of the game. You can't complain about it. You have to go on to the next play. We just were not able to be successful enough. We have some things to clean up."

"What are you going to do? It was 6-0 at halftime. We were one score from winning the football game. Everything didn't seem very well and it wasn't, but at the same time, you have to put that behind you and put points on the board. It still came down to the last drive."

(on bouncing back) "It's a long season. They'll all good football teams that we play every week. You have to come ready to play and you have to play well. We don't need a wakeup call. We're not a team that needs that. That's tough for me to explain, but we have a great group of guys on this team. We didn't play well tonight. We're going to rebound just like we always do."
(on interception on last drive) "We were running a little hook over the middle and I thought I had him wide open. The guy did a great job, reacting quickly to it."


(on the loss) "We can't turn the ball over and can't shoot ourselves in the foot. We cannot start drives first and 15. Those things hurt you. Everybody in this locker room knows we have the talent. Our offense just didn't get the job done. We've shown at times how good of an offense we can be. We're six games in and we have to get it going. If we come out and play like we know how, there won't be any problems."

(on credit to Jacksonville)"Jacksonville played well as a team. You have to give them credit. They played like it was their Super Bowl."

(on the touchdown catch) All night, they had in and out coverage on me. The linebacker was outside and safety was inside. I was able to get around the safety on the inside and Joe made a great throw."


(on the ejection)"The play was over and every play you finish the play and I just didn't want the guy's hands off me, so I'm just running away from the guy and slap his hands off me. Then he grabbed me around my waist, spins me around and then he pushes me and hits me in the face. And you could only take so much and I hit him back in the face. I helped two guys up in the first half when one of their coaches got knocked down in the first half. I helped their coach up. It's not like I'm a dirty player but a guy could only take so much. "


(on the game)"We just need to make corrections. We make plays on defense and every game is not going to be perfect. Jacksonville played their hardest and we knew they were going to do on Monday night at your home. You're going to defend your turf. You just got to take advantage of the opportunities."

(on the defense not giving up a touchdown)"We gave up too many field goals and three points here, three points there and that last one was crucial. Good thing we held them out. Under the circumstances they made too many field goals. We got to make sure we keep them out of that range and play field position a lot better early. They weren't going to lose it on the offensive side of the ball. They were going to protect it and not give up the chance to make any plays when we did. They had fumbles everywhere and if we just fall on one of them, it's a different ball game."

(on the offense)"Every man is accountable for their actions like Ray (Lewis) said on the field to me. You got to be accountable for your actions. Offensively we will look at this tape and I'm sure those guys will make corrections, coaches and players alike. We had a couple of holes that put our offense backed up and like I said field position is key. It's tough when you come out of the hole on the road like this."


(on Jacksonville's ability to win) "Their defense got after it. They played with really high emotion. On offense, they kept it really simple. I think Jones Drew had 30 carries, but it baffles me that Ray Rice only had six carries. This is a pro bowl running back we're talking about it. That's all right. We go back to the drawing board and get ready for Arizona. Don't take any credit away from Jacksonville. They played an amazing game. They weren't going to let Gabbert lose the game for them. He didn't have to win it, but he just didn't lose it."

(on frustration) "I don't like to lose. We didn't play particularly perfect on any side of the ball. But, you have to show up to play. When you go on the road, you have to expect the defense to win the game. We let one get away. Whatever happens from here on out is our own fault, so if we don't get a first round bye, it's our own fault."

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