Postgame Transcript - Week 9 vs. Dolphins


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Obviously, congratulations to this football team. That's a heck of a win. From beginning to end, that's a hard-fought win. Congrats to Miami. That's a very good football team. They never gave up. They do a lot of good things. They challenged us, especially out of the gate. They played well in the red zone, on defense. To overcome those things, to overcome a team that's played so well on the road, obviously, it's a heck of a victory, so I'm proud of our guys. Some notable things – Ray Rice had a bunch of yards. 180 yards for Ray Rice. In the second half, I thought the time of possession was probably the most determining factor of winning that game. The best defense is a good offense, and we were able to move the chains. A huge play was the Sam Koch play, on the punt… [Assistant head coach/special teams coordinator] Jerry Rosburg does the best job I've seen of any special teams coach in this league of teaching all the situations and all the details, and having guys coached up on those things. That's something we've talked about for a few weeks. That's a 'check with me' play that we put in, and we work on it now and again, and Jerry had the guys coached up, and the guys did a good job of executing it. I thought the early red zone issues were a problems for us, so I'm really proud of the way our guys kept their composure, came back in the second half, executed and found a way to win. So that's where we're at."

(on P Sam Koch's fake punt) "I don't want to give away too much because it's something that we plan on doing again in the future. But, if they're going to give you that look, and they're not going to cover the gunner, you want to have an answer for that. And, it's not an easy answer to have, if you know a little about special teams. That's a hard thing to get to sometimes because you don't want to mess it up. Sometimes you can just punt the ball and be better off. It's a hard play to execute. So, for our guys to have the confidence to check to that play, for them to pull it off, make a throw, make a catch… And there was a lot of wind down there, too. Sam's not a quarterback. So, it was really a good decision."

(on the run after catch yardage) "I don't know what the numbers were. I'd like to see what the 'RAC' yards for our guys. It had to be high. I mean, Ray [Rice] had a bunch of catch and runs. Willis [McGahee] ran well]. Le'Ron [McClain] made a couple of plays, I know in the run game [he] was running hard. Those guys made those yards after the catch. For us, it's an extension of the run game."

(on the pressure on QB Chad Henne) "I think our four-man rush was there. [defensive coordinator] Greg [Mattison] did a nice job of calling the game, in terms of mixing the coverage and mixing the pressure. We covered well, especially in the second half. That's where it starts. You make them hold the ball, and that's where it starts. If you make them hold the ball a little bit, you give those guys a chance to rush. I thought the rush was a little faster. I thought it was a little more relentless. We did put some different guys in the field, some different spots. You saw Paul Kruger out there. Jarret Johnson was relentless. Of course, [Terrell] Suggs, and he had the sacks. Jameel McClain was out there at the end of the game. So, we got a little more speed, which probably helped us. I thought the pressure was really well designed."

(on CB Josh Wilson) "First of all, Fabian [Washington] was playing okay. And, Fabian's going to be fine. Fabian's a big part of what we're doing here. But, Ozzie [Newsome] did a nice job of bringing Josh Wilson in here. He's here for a reason. He's a guy that's had a lot of success. I figure as we go forward, we want to play those corners as much as we can. And for Josh to come through the way he did, he made the great play with the interception at the end, which was gigantic. Then, out of the gates in the second half, he made a nice play on a great receiver, and I think he played well. Ed Reed played really well. Ed Reed, back there in the back – sometimes you throw downfield at your own risk now with Ed Reed back there. Those things were great."

(on how QB Joe Flacco managed the wind) "First of all, the wind was an issue. You saw the factor on the field goals in the second half. Joe was very patient in the pocket. It may have led to a sack or two, but you know what? Sometimes we can live with that. Because I thought Joe did a good job of keeping his poise, keeping his eyes downfield, looking to make plays. That gave us an opportunity to get the ball to the backs and let Ray [Rice] run with the ball after the catch. So, I think his patience in there set that up a little bit."

(on how the secondary bounced back from their performance in the Bills game) "This receiving corps that we played [today] is one of the best in the league. Chad Henne is one of the good young quarterbacks in the league. We're not worried about our secondary. There will be times when people complete passes on us. That's the nature of this league. But I thought [secondary coach] Chuck Pagano did a great job of teaching techniques this week. He's one of the best in the business at it. And our guys are just confident guys that support each other. Ed Reed had a lot to do with it in the back end, from a leadership standpoint. They did a nice job."

(on shutting down Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown in the second half) "I think we just played better. We don't need to do a lot of gimmicks to stop the run. We did bring in outside backers, and we moved the front a little bit, but I think we just played better. An example would be Haloti [Ngata]'s play in the second half when he jumped around an offensive lineman… Haloti steps around and makes a hit in the backfield. I think we got a feel for the run game and just played better."

(on if he received an explanation for DT Haloti Ngata's personal foul call) "I don't know what the rule is. I don't want to get fined here. But, I don't know what the ruling is. I don't know how to coach our guys after that call. I'll be looking forward to hearing what the answer is. It's confusing right now, to be honest."

(on if he had specific red zone concerns) "Yes. They are specific. And, I think we have to look at them one thing after another. We shouldn't be flinching and backing us up five more yards and making it tougher than it is. You know, you have to gain yards in the run game. I thought we did a much better job in the second half at punching everything forward. We had the lost yardage [in the first half]. A sack is not something you want down there. Sometimes you may hold the ball and try to make a play, so it's a little bit of a balancing act down there. But I think there is going to be specific issues on each play we'll have to work better at. But, I'm not sure what they are until we see the tape."

(on if he knew RB Ray Rice would be this good) "In all honesty, probably not. We thought he was going to be a heck of a player, but we didn't know he would be this good in the passing game. We knew he was a good tackle-to-tackle runner. That's what he did at Rutgers. But, for him to be this explosive in the passing game, we probably didn't expect this."

(on if he's been a part of a special teams performance that didn't punt) "I didn't realize we hadn't punted. How about that? Sam [Koch]'s passer rating is probably going to be higher than Joe [Flacco]'s. That hurts. I don't know, it might be the first [such performance I've seen]."

(on QB Joe Flacco having the best passer rating of all season) "Joe expects this. He's standing right here, but he expects that. Our expectations are not to be okay. Our expectations are to be dominant. Ray [Lewis] talks about it every time he breaks a huddle. But, that's one week. We have a new challenge this week. It's a heck of a defense we're playing against. We're going to enjoy this one for about two hours, and then we're going to go to work on Atlanta. We have a new challenge next week."

(on if there were any in-game adjustments after the Dolphins' first quarter TD drive) "We just talked about that. We stuck to the game plan. We moved our front a little bit and made a couple different calls, but our guys just played well. Give credit to the players. I thought Greg [Mattison] had a nice game plan, but our guys played well. That's what it boils down to."

(on his impressions of Miami LB Cameron Wake) "Well, he's becoming a premier pass rusher, and he showed it today. The guy's tough. He has a nice counter-move inside, he has speed off the edge [and] he's a relentless player. He's going to be a guy that's going to have to be dealt with in this league for many years to come."

(on if he saw what went wrong on the aborted field goal) "No, I didn't. I'll just have to see it on tape. I just think it wasn't handled as well as it could've been. There was a lot of wind down there. We were concerned about it. We'll have to see what it looks like."

QB Joe Flacco

(on being able to find Ray Rice so often with passes ) "When you've got the receivers and the guys that we do, there's not really too much you can do, and Ray as the ability to beat those guys in man coverage, and that's kind of what happened. We were looking downfield, and they did a good job of covering it up, and Ray did a good job of kind of breaking away from the underneath guy. The linebacker's not going to be able to cover him with his quickness."

(on Derrick Mason getting a TD pass after Miami's Channing Crowder called him "old" during the week ) "I don't even pay attention to that stuff. I saw a piece of paper in the locker room one day with what Channing Crowder had said. I'm like 'oh, here they go, trying to motivate us.' Derrick, I think, just laughed at all that stuff. We all know he's old. (laughter). But he's one hell of a receiver, and he's been my guy for three years now, and that's what he's going to do out there."

(on the long drive in the fourth quarter and if it took the wind out of Miami) "I think we did a great job all day. I don't know if you can even point to one drive. We really drove the ball well all day. When you get a chance to late in the game, you've got take the ball down the field and put [up] as many points as you can. I wish we'd have put a little bit more on [the board]. We held the ball pretty well today, and we didn't punt. It was a good day for us, but we've got to clean up some things in the red zone, mainly penalties, and see if we can improve in that area. They're all correctable things."

(on getting ready for a Thursday game now) "It's pretty crazy, never done this before. It should be a lot of fun. Atlanta's going to deal with the same thing. They played today at 1 o'clock. They had a bye week the same time we did. We're going to turn around quickly, and we're going to be preparing for another team. It's not like a normal Monday tomorrow. We're going to preparing for Atlanta rather than just kind of correcting what we did against Miami. I've never done it before. I think it will be pretty easy for us, though. I think we've got guys that'll be focused in on getting our next win. The biggest thing is to get our guys healthy, concentrate on that. I think as long as we concentrate on that, everything else will take care of itself."

(on having an interception dropped by Miami) "I think he was really still sitting there in coverage. He jumped it, baited us and we lucked out big time."

(on fixing mistakes that happened on offense) "It's all correctable things, mistakes that we can't make. We jumped offsides on one of the drives. We had a delay of game, then all of a sudden another delay of game. We put ourselves in bad situations, and they're tough to overcome when you keep putting yourself backwards and backwards and backwards. As long as we correct those things, which are all correctable, easily correctable, I think we can make big-time improvements this upcoming week."

(on how Willis McGahee turned a short pass into a TD) "I was loving that. A quarterback's best friends are screen passes for touchdowns. I haven't had too many of them in the NFL, and that was huge to see him take it the way he did. Great run, and he did a great job for us all day."

RB Ray Rice

(on how he matched up in the receiving game) "Coming out in the second half, I definitely felt that I would be able to take advantage of one-on-one opportunities out there. I was working on linebackers most of the time. One time, there was a busted coverage. Joe [Flacco] sees me. Everybody's contributing in the passing game. One thing Joe's doing is he's reading the progression. As a quarterback, you can't take a break on that. He's seeing what he's seeing. As long as I get the ball out in space in one-on-one opportunities, I think I'll be able to do something from there."

(on whether he felt that he would get a lot of man coverage) "Yes, definitely in the passing game. I knew coming into the game that I would have a lot of one-on-one with the linebackers. Even if they drop a defensive lineman, I'm still one-on-one. Even if I'm last in the progression, if I'm able to win, if Joe [Flacco] hits me with the pass, I can turn that five yards into 15 yards as long as I'm in space. Joe was seeing me today, which is great. The offensive line held up in protection against a great pass rush. We just did a great job of getting the points that we needed. When we were out there, we got opportunities to score points, and that's why you watch film. You check that out, and you try to get better from there."

(on having to play on the short week) "See, I know my body, and I know myself by now. It is a quick turnaround, but I know Coach [John] Harbaugh has a plan for us. This will be new for all of us. It'll definitely be new for me. We're hitting our stride now as a team. One thing with our team is we're getting healthy. Every day, you see guys out there. It's good to have Donte' [Stallworth] back. We're glad to have guys back. I'm glad for myself to be back 100 percent and not having any hampering problems. That's one thing that the bye week does. We do have a quick turnaround, but we did have the bye week, so I think guys will adjust. Then we have 10 days (following Thursday's game at Atlanta) so we'll do what we have to do to get our bodies healthy, and we'll give it our best shot against Atlanta."

(on being 6-2 and still having room for improvement) "That's what's great about our team. We look at our positives, but we also look at our negatives, and we try to build off of them. We know we played a great team. We respected them coming in here, and we are 6-2. We're finding ways to win, and that's NFL football. I've learned that with this being my third year. This has been the most different year for me because we're finding ways to win games, whether it's in overtime… We've faced many situations now that we've overcome. As a team, you want to [be tested] because later in the year, every time we're in the situation now, we're in the huddle saying, 'We've been here before, we've been here before.' We're overcoming it, and now it just feels good that we're hitting stride. We're putting up points. Our defense has Ed Reed and Ray [Lewis] leading the charge. It's just great to see our offense hitting stride, Joe [Flacco] coming into his own, myself, and everyone's contributing. It's not just like one guy here, everybody contributes. Receivers are blocking downfield. It's great when I catch a pass, and you see Anquan Boldin down the field laying his body out on the line for me. That's what great teams do. We're just finding ways to put everything together."

(on the play of Joe Flacco the last six weeks) "Joe Flacco… He's amazing. There's a reason they brought the guy in as a first-rounder. Quarterback is the toughest position to play on the field by far. I can't even tell you how much the guy has to read, how much he has to know… For him to do what he's doing at this point in his career, it just shows how long the guy is going to play the game. He's athletic, smart, strong, and he's able to take a hit. He took one today and got right up. I love playing with him. That's my guy. We try to protect him as much as we can. He has great feet. He sees what he needs to see down the field. I think one thing that's great for Joe is having Marc Bulger. When you have a veteran like that behind you – for me, it's Willis McGahee. Having Willis there and knowing that he's played the game and been through adversity… You look at Marc Bulger and what he's been through. You learn from those guys, and then you have the coaching staff. I have [running backs coach] Wilbert [Montgomery] and Willis, Joe has [offensive coordinator] Cam [Cameron] and [quarterbacks] coach [Jim] Zorn, so he has resources. He's going out there, and he's playing well every game."

(on Flacco finding him as a check-down) "First off, it's reading man and zone. If you've got man, then you've got time because Joe is reading the progression. They're not blitzing so you don't have to worry about guys on the line. The line is going to take care of that. That's trust there. When you've got man-to-man, I have a three-way break. I can go left, right, or I can seal them up. I've got time to get away from them on top of Joe reading everything down the field. He might not see me right away, but then all of a sudden I come open. He might even be scrambling, but I've got to find his eyes. That doesn't just happen. We've worked at that in games, and he did that a lot last year. He has a trust knowing that if he doesn't have anything, I'm going to be there to bail him out."

(on what Miami was doing in coverage) "Miami came in playing a lot of man. In man-to-man, that's the chance you take with a back on a linebacker. Sometimes, they drop a defensive lineman, but any time a back is on a linebacker – and no disrespect to any linebackers in the league – but as a back, you've got to take that as a great match-up. That's what the game of football is, great match-ups. The one-on-ones – those are the ones you've got to win. I'm confident enough to know that I'm going to give Joe some time and win my one-on-ones – and that's no knock on any linebackers – but I definitely feel that with my ability, skills and talent… That's something I take pride in is winning my one-on-ones. I go against Ray Lewis, I go against Tavares [Gooden] in practice. When you get to the game, it's just poise and execution."

LB Terrell Suggs

(on getting pressure on Dolphins QB Chad Henne today) "We do a good job of getting after the quarterback. Like I said, sometimes they just get the ball off in time. You've got to watch every game; you can't always just look at the numbers, because the numbers don't tell the whole story. But we just didn't want him to get comfortable. He still made some plays downfield – I think he still had over 200 yards passing – we just didn't let him get one in the end zone. And our secondary has been playing phenomenal. We got Ed Reed back, [he has] three [interceptions] in two games; that speaks for itself. But this is a great team, and we're just trying to be special, be great."

(on whether he or anyone else on defense said anything after the first drive on defense when they allowed Miami to score that turned things around) "No, we kind of all knew it. We were like, this isn't going to be another Buffalo [game], so we just [stepped] up and started playing. Lardarius [Webb] made a play the next series, and it all went downhill [for Miami] from there."

(on the second half performance from CB Josh Wilson) "He did great, he did great. Josh always does [well] for us. Like I said, sometimes you've just got to watch the whole game. It's not always about the numbers. Josh always comes in and he performs for you, he plays for us. So, it was a great game and like I said, our secondary is playing phenomenal."

(on how long you savor this win on the short week heading into Atlanta) "Oh, we're over it right now. We're over it right now. We knew that we got a good AFC win, and now we've got to go and play one of the powerhouses of the NFC. And to do what we've got to do, we've got to play a great team, and you've got to beat the good teams. So, it's a challenge, we're looking forward to it, and we'll see you guys on Thursday."

(on whether the defense is getting used to having 25 points to play behind now on a weekly basis) "We don't talk about it. It's kind of like the no-hitter [in baseball]. Whatever the offense gives us, we go from there, and we just don't talk about it. But it's a great job, we're scoring points."

RB Willis McGahee

(on the importance of his opening drive touchdown, and how that play developed) "Oh, it was real big. It sets the tone for the defense and the offense. And then it sets the tone for me, personally, when I can go out there and score a touchdown on our first possession, the first time touching the ball, really. The play was basically a screen, and the offensive line did a great job blocking. I saw some good blocks down the field, and I had one-on-ones with some people, and I just said to myself, one person isn't going to take me down."

(on having a good day breaking tackles today) "I've got the ability to do that. And my job is to just get on the field and it's my responsibility to be able to do that when I need to."

(on whether he feels like the Dolphins underestimated their running back group) "If they did, it's their fault. We can't do anything about it. We know what we have to do as a running back group, and that's to get those tough yards."

(on whether there was something in the Dolphins' scheme that allowed them to be more aggressive) "No, it's the same thing. It was just the point of us setting the tone for the offense, opening up the passing game. You know, Ray [Rice] and I did a great job, and Le'Ron [McClain] also did a great job when he was running the ball."

LB Ray Lewis

(on being far from a perfect game, but feeling pretty good about where the team is at 6-2) "Yeah, far from the perfect game [but] I don't know how many times you will play a perfect game. There's nothing perfect about this league. The bottom line is the only things that matters is [wins]. And I think, offensively, defensively, special teams, what we did today… They were undefeated [on the road], we were undefeated at home, and I just think for us to come in and protect our home the way we did [was great]. I just loved the way we came out and played today. You go down and see our offense go and score, the defense gives up a quick one, and then the rest of the game you shut them out defensively. The offense moves the ball, but didn't capitalize on a couple of big turnovers that really could have put the game out of reach. But when you look at the overall, where we're going as a team, you have to be excited."

(on whether any big adjustments were made defensively after Miami's opening drive score) "No, you don't have to make any big adjustments. They had some good things drawn up. Even on their touchdown run, they had a great call against the defense that we were in, and [if] one guys plays the back side, then you make that play. But overall, what we did, the way we came in, settled down, everybody just kept the ball in front of [them]. And we knew that the game was going to be a long day, but we kept the ball in front of us."

(on the defensive unit rushing the passer well today) "I tell my team as well as my defense, just like I told them last night, forget everybody else. Forget everything everybody else is saying. Let's just go get a [win]. That's all that matters in this league; not stats, not who has more sacks, who has this-and-that. If we come out and get a [win], that's the biggest thing we can do in this whole year. And that's what we talked about last night, and that's what we came out and did today."

(on whether he was asking for the ball when S Ed Reed almost tossed it to him during his interception return) "No, absolutely not."

(on the defensive unit making a big play seemingly every time it needed to) "We had them dialed in pretty good. We had them dialed in pretty good, and once we had their backs against the rope, then they had to come out and do some things they didn't want to do; trying to force the ball down the field. And there were just a lot of different players [that] made a lot of plays. I can just go down the line and just name people, play-after-play. Overall we just kept the ball in front of us, and I think rallied to it, and we kept them – after they made the catch – it was very limited on their run and catch. And that was big for us this week. [Dolphins' WR Davone Bess] made a lot of plays once you see him on film, breaking tackles and things, but now keeping the ball in front of him, hit him, and let's keep playing."

P Sam Koch

(on the fake punt) "I was standing there, and there are a bunch of different levels to it. There's a bunch of guys yelling my name. I had to make sure that he didn't snap it. As a punter, I have to walk out there and see what kind of matchups we have. It's a play where I have the option to punt it or throw it, and I chose to throw it."

(on working on fake punts in practice) "Me, Billy [Cundiff] and Morgan [Cox] kind of play around with it. But it's not like we do it a whole lot in practice."

(on the dropped snap on Billy Cundiff's intended field goal) "It seemed like it came back and the wind kind of caught it. The wind knocked it down a little bit. It hit my palm, and I just dropped it. I've had some of those in practice on windy days. Sometimes stuff just happens."

WR Anquan Boldin

(on playing at home) "We played really strong today, but we left a few plays out on the field, and we could've played better."

(on first quarter near touchdown) "It's really tough to get your foot down, especially when you are running full speed. I tried to drag the one foot behind me, but I just couldn't get it in."

(on Ray Rice capitalizing on the Dolphins taking away the Ravens' wide receivers) "They played a lot of cloud coverage and tried to bracket our wide receivers, and that's why you say Ray Rice and the running back dominate underneath. This team has a lot of weapons that the defensive coordinators of the other teams are going to try and take away. Ray Rice gives us an outlet."

CB Lardarius Webb

(on his interception return) "I think if I would've stayed along the left sideline, I would've taken it in. I wanted to do my Ed Reed impersonation and cut it across the field, but I learned from it. Next time I'll know to stay on my sideline."

(on the Ravens' pass defense) "I have to give the defensive line all the credit today. They did a great job. They made our job so much easier today."

(on rebounding from the Bills' game) "After the Bills game, we had a lot of things on our mind. It's not like the Ravens' defense to give up a lot of deep balls. Ed Reed and Ray Lewis had everybody focused and dialed in today. They keep us on point. Those guys are two great leaders out there."

(on shutting down the Dolphins in the second half) "At halftime, we had Ray Lewis on us. There is great leadership on our team and it makes such a difference."

(on his first quarter interception) "As an NFL corner, you have to make a play there. I anticipated the receiver's double-move and when he slipped, I broke on the ball. It was great play, but I have to move on. That play is over."

WR Derrick Mason

(on how they played the Ravens passing game) "They respected our passing game, and they played a deep zone. That allowed Ray [Rice] to get some things underneath the zone. That gave us opportunities to get underneath the zone, and Ray took advantage by getting down the field."

(on the balance of the Ravens' offense) "Because of that, we were able to keep them off balance. We were able to hit them with the run, and then the passes that we threw underneath to the running backs, we were able to get big chunk yardage. If we continue to play this way, I think good things will happen."

(on his exchange of words with LB Channing Crowder on the field) "The first stage of respect is don't disrespect your opponent, and he disrespected his opponent early in the game. You gotta be able to back up your talk, and the guy just didn't back it up. He was out there talking and woofing, and we had to put him out of the game. Hopefully, after this game, he'll sit back and realize what type of player he truly is. He is not one of the elite players in the game."

(talking about the balance of the offense again) "It was good, but it wasn't great. We played good for stretches of the game, including the second half, but there were a lot of opportunities that we missed. You have to give it to them. They did some things on the red zone defense that didn't allow us to score points, but we left some points out there on the board."

DT Haloti Ngata

(on not allowing the 10 point lead slip away) "We know what kind of defense we are, and we just wanted to show that we're not one of those teams that are like that. We kind of wanted to show that we're a good defense. We wanted to hold the score and not let them score on us again."

(on the defense making a big play when it was necessary) "We've been close to making those big plays the last few weeks, we just finally hit them. Getting the sacks and getting the turnovers, we got those plays when we needed to, and it's good to get them."

(on anticipating getting a fine from the NFL for leading with his helmet) "I certainly hope not. I'm hoping the NFL realized we won the game and they turned off the film."

(on the difference in the defense after the first drive) "They creased us a little bit on that first drive and they made some plays on us. We adjusted and made some of our own plays and shut them down after that."

(on the legal horse-collar in the pocket) "It wasn't a horse-collar. It was in the pocket, so it's legal and I got the sack."

S Ed Reed

(on whether he's good for a pick each game now) "I'm trying. I certainly hope we can. I was in the right spot at the right time. I caught it, and I just took it down."

(on how close he was on lateraling) "Oh man- if he [Ray Lewis] was behind me a little bit more. . .but I had a good grip on it. If I was ever pitching it, I have to be smart in that situation. We had great field position and the offense was doing a great job moving the ball, so I just have to be smart with it."

(on the defense playing better in the fourth quarter) "Hats off to those guys- they've been spectacular on the road so we knew that coming in; they were a great team. The Dolphins always give us trouble so we just wanted to play our game like we did and be disciplined and make sure we took advantage of the opportunities when they came to us."

(on the feeling of being 6-2) "It's a nice little win, and it will really show up later in the year. Right now, we just got to keep moving, though, and get ready for Atlanta- short week, Thursday night."

(on if he's checked out Matt Ryan on film) "I know Matt Ryan from Boston College, and he's a great quarterback. He can throw every ball and he's got some great receivers down there and a great running game and their defense is playing great. It's gonna be another dog fight, as it is week after week in the NFL."

(on the performance of the defense coming off the game against Buffalo) "The objective is just to win, and we knew it was going to be a hard game. They have a decent receiving core. To come back and play the way we played after our off week against this good team is a step in the right direction to where we want to go."

(on how he feels with the communication in the secondary) "It's getting to where it needs to be. There's still a lot of football left to be played, and there's a lot of communication things left to do. It's gonna be interesting going forward as far as getting better at that. That's what we have to do, moving forward."

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