Press Release: Ravens Launch 'Paint the State Purple' Mural Program

The Baltimore Ravens unveiled their first in a series of public murals Thursday as part of their new "Paint the State Purple" mural program. The initiative seeks to highlight the connection the Ravens have formed with communities across the State of Maryland, by engaging artists to not only represent the team, but a particular county, town, city or location in which the artwork will appear.

"The Ravens are Maryland's team," stated Ravens senior director of brand strategy and advertising Josh Lukin. "Over the last 28 years, the team has become an important part of communities across the state, and we have set out to empower local artists to help bring that story to life."

The Ravens selected Baltimore native Jordan Lawson to paint the first mural in Towson. Lawson, who attended Towson University, welcomed the chance to highlight both the Towson area and the Ravens with this project.

"When the Ravens shared their vision for the mural program, I knew it would be vital to create a piece that was authentic to me, but at the same time relatable to the public that will experience this art on a daily basis," said Lawson, a lifelong Ravens fan. "When you break down the mural, you can see the influence, connection and ties that Towson has to the Ravens and vice versa."

The mural is inspired by well-known staples of the Towson community. Lawson wanted to emphasize the most iconic buildings for which Towson is known, including the courthouse, representing the town as the county seat; and Johnny Unitas Stadium, which honors the iconic Baltimore Colts quarterback and Ravens Ring of Honor inductee.

The focal point of the mural is a fan descending into the city with balloons spelling R-A-V-E-N-S, intended to give off a nostalgic childhood feeling of being carefree, which Lawson accentuates throughout his portfolio. The feature also allowed him to make the art interactive, as there is space for fans to pose as if they are holding the balloons.   

The mural adorns the northern wall of the Dulaney Plaza shopping center, on the corner of Dulaney Valley Rd. and Fairmount Ave., across from the Towson Town Center.

With the completion of the first mural in Baltimore County, the Ravens have started working with the Office of the Howard County Executive on their next location, with plans to expand to surrounding counties and beyond over the coming years.

Fans across the state can follow the progress and learn more about the program at

About Jordan Lawson

Jordan Lawson received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Art & Design from Towson University. Since then, he has over 10 years of fine artist experience and has participated in 35+ art exhibits throughout the eastern United States. He has completed four murals around the City of Baltimore, with his work being featured by a multitude of media outlets, including ESPN, WBAL-TV News, WMAR2 News & Voyage Baltimore.

In describing his style, Lawson explores contemporary themes and popular culture through digital design. His ideas are transformed into mural art, painting, print illustration and multi-media design. His process places a great emphasis on research, which allows thorough planning of the work. His unique combination of subject matter and aesthetic execution sets his style apart from others. His art is not created to simply fulfill what seems to be marketable to a certain crowd, but rather captures the uniqueness and individuality of people, life and experiences