Ravens Breaking Out Black Jerseys for MNF vs. Chiefs

QB Lamar Jackson

Even though the atmosphere for Monday Night Football won't be the same without fans, the Ravens will inject some of the big-game flavor into the game.

The Ravens will wear their black jerseys – a favorite among fans and players – for their tilt against the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs.

The Ravens have an all-time record of 23-8 in black jerseys. In the all-black unis, they're 15-5. In black jerseys and white pants, they're 7-3. In black pants and purple pants, they're 1-0.

Baltimore wore its black jerseys for games against the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers last season, with both games being victories. The Ravens were in all-black uniforms against the 49ers.

The Ravens do not announce their pants combo ahead of time, so fans will have to wait to see the whole look.

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