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Ravens Introduce New Permanent Field-Level Seats

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As part of their ongoing efforts to ensure M&T Bank Stadium remains a world-class NFL and entertainment venue, the Baltimore Ravens will introduce new permanent seat licensed (PSL) field-level seats, beginning in 2024. This latest venture is another example of the team's dedication to elevating the gameday experience for all fans. (In December 2023, the team announced "The Next Evolution," a three-year project to significantly enhance the gameday and year-round fan offerings at M&T Bank Stadium.)

The Ravens have installed 138 exclusive field seats, which fans can purchase for the start of the 2024 season.

With the installation of 138 exclusive field seats flanking each side of the northwest and southwest corners, the two rows of plush seating will offer fans an opportunity to enjoy Ravens games from one of the stadium's most intimate and unique vantage points.

"Watching game action at field level provides an incredible perspective," Ravens senior vice president of ticket sales & operations Baker Koppelman stated. "Field-seat PSL Owners and their guests will be immersed in the action and see the game unfold in a completely different way than ever before. These field seats offer fans the opportunity to enjoy one of M&T Bank Stadium's most unique gameday experiences."

Additionally, upon completion of a series of transformative projects, beginning in 2025, these newest field seating options will include membership to world-class, all-inclusive field-level club spaces located underneath the lower level and behind the north (visitors) and south (home) sidelines, respectively.

North Club Access (2025)

Situated near the 50-yard line and underneath the lower level, the North Club will provide all-inclusive food and beverage options, as well as access to private restrooms throughout the game.

South Club Access (2025)

The South Club, located underneath the lower level on the Ravens' sideline, will also provide all-inclusive premium food and beverage options, as well as private restrooms throughout the game.

**More information regarding the new club spaces will be released in the coming weeks**

Field seat PSLs for the 2024 season are now available. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

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