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Ravens Introduce 'Flock Friendly Fare' for Concessions at M&T Bank Stadium

The Baltimore Ravens introduced their new "Flock Friendly Fare" Thursday, dramatically reducing pricing on gameday concessions to further enhance the fan experience at M&T Bank Stadium.

In total, 21 of the most popular menu items have been reduced, creating up to 53 percent savings on a single item and a 33 percent average price reduction.

"As a lot of you probably know, after every game we survey fans to see how we're doing; what have we done well and what have we not done well. Over the years, one of the biggest criticisms we received was for the gameday concessions prices," Ravens President Dick Cass said.

"We listened to the fan complaints and we tried to do something about it. So today we're announcing significant price reductions on the 21 most important food and beverage items that we sell on gameday."

Conversations about lowering prices began last season and Owner Steve Bisciotti, who was a major part of the process, approved them in March. The Ravens will absorb the full cost of the price reductions and expect revenue from concessions on gameday will decline in excess of $1.5 million, Cass said.

The Atlanta Falcons revealed lower concessions prices when they moved into their new Mercedes-Benz Stadium last season. The Ravens are in a different situation because they aren't opening a new stadium but still adopted a similar model.

Of all the items receiving reductions, 12 include food options, while the cost of nine beverage items will decrease. The menu will also include a $5 domestic beer (12 ounces) option for the first time ever.

Below are other key figures:

  • Soft Pretzels (53 percent reduction) and French Fries (50 percent) are the most heavily-reduced menu items, with each being among the most popular gameday purchases by fans.
  • Seven items will be reduced by 40 percent or more from their previous cost.
  • Thirteen of the 21 menu items will be reduced by more than 30 percent from their previous cost.
  • Thirteen of the 21 menu items will be offered for $5 or less, while no single item will cost more than $9.
  • On average, the cost of 12 food items will reduce by an average of 38 percent, four non-alcoholic beverages by an average of 39 percent, and five alcoholic beverages by an average of 16 percent.
  • Fans will experience more than 30 percent savings when purchasing combo/family meals.

The concessions price reduction is just the latest in a three-year, $120 million investment in improving the fan experience at M&T Bank Stadium. This season, the Ravens will unveil an improved sound system, bolstered wifi, new corner video boards and escalators (October).

"Our goal is to make our stadium not only an exciting place to watch football, but also an appealing and family-friendly place to come on Sunday afternoons," Cass said.


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