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Ravens Launch 'Ravens Scouts' Volunteer Ticket Sales Program

Fans at M&T Bank Stadium Practice
Fans at M&T Bank Stadium Practice

In 2018, the Ravens came in at No. 2 in the NFL in Stadium Journey’s annual stadium rankings. It's an excellent experience at M&T Bank Stadium, and many people who love to talk about it.

With that in mind, the Ravens have launched the "Ravens Scouts" program, a volunteer ticket sales force with the goal of bolstering the team's current ticket sales efforts.

There are 24 "Ravens Scouts" in the inaugural class, which includes current PSL Owners, local business executives and civic-minded leaders.

"They love Baltimore and are part of a great network of people who want to see the Ravens continue to thrive in this community and keep our stadium full on gameday," said Ravens Senior Vice President of Ticket Sales and Operations Baker Koppelman.

The program is something Koppelman thought about for a long time and felt would work especially well in Baltimore because it's a close-knit city. The team considered implementing the program the past several years.

"With the evolution of the ticket-buying process – especially due to the impact of e-commerce and the secondary market – now is the time to bring this to life," Koppelman said.

The program's focus is to expand the reach and depth of the Ravens' ticket sales outreach by having "Scouts" identify opportunities that may have been previously overlooked. Though members will not be paid, they are rewarded with Ravens-oriented incentives based on ticket sales generated from their efforts.

Check out the entire list of 24 “Scouts” here. They are located across Maryland, into Washington D.C. and even out in Front Royal, Va. For many of the "Scouts," it's just putting a title on something they were already doing.

"I'm always sharing my enthusiasm around the Ravens' in-stadium experience," said Leif Ulstrup, who lives in Chevy Chase, just over the border into Washington D.C.

Ulstrup went to his first NFL game at M&T Bank Stadium in 1999 and has been hooked ever since. He became a PSL holder in 2004 and loves opening people's eyes to the benefits of going to Ravens games. He said he is especially grateful that Owner Steve Bisciotti and the team listen to fans' feedback and reinvest in improving the stadium experience every year.

"I think that's where this program is helpful is getting out the enthusiasm about the experience," Ulstrup said. "You can only see it by going to games. It's so much better to enjoy the experience with 70-some thousand fans than watching it on TV."

Just as M&T Bank Stadium has been consistently ranked as having one of the NFL's best game experiences, it is also viewed as one of the hardest stadiums for opposing teams to play in and the Ravens want to keep it that way.

"We want to continue our great legacy of Ravens sellouts," Koppelman said. "A full M&T Bank Stadium creates an exciting and dramatic place for our fans and a tough place for our opponents to play."

Fans can still inquire about and purchase tickets by using traditional methods. However, "Ravens Scouts" provide a new touchpoint for fans to work through someone with whom they are more familiar.

"I have been a Ravens' season ticket owner since Day One," said Tim Racosky, a "Ravens Scout" from Frederick, Md. "I have watched every game the Ravens have played either in person or on television. I want them and the City of Baltimore to succeed."

Added Craig Schulman, a Baltimore lawyer and PSL Owner: "I love the team and this city. We want to help bring the magic and excitement to the place that has given my family and friends almost two decades of amazing times and unbelievable memories. It's important to me that my kids and grandchildren continue to have the same experience."

More information about the "Ravens Scouts" program is available at For fans interested in season tickets, information can be found by calling the Ravens' ticket office at 410-261-RAVE (7283) or by visiting

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