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SociaLight: How Marlon Humphrey Celebrated His Big Deal

CB Marlon Humphrey
CB Marlon Humphrey

Marlon Humphrey made big news this week by signing a reported $97.5 million contract extension that keeps him a Raven through 2026.

The popular Raven's teammates were hyped for the All-Pro. Shockingly, no one more so than the hype man himself, Mark Ingram.

Still doesn't mean you can call him Marvin though.

There wasn't a dry eye when he gave an emotional thank you to his dad for his impact on his life and career.

How'd he celebrate? After crediting his family, especially his father, with getting him to this point, Humphrey had to virtually celebrate with the most important people in his life … and a cookie cake.

Asked Thursday what he would spend his first beefed-up paycheck on, Humphrey said he wasn't sure he'd be able to slip a big purchase past his father.

"My dad is still going to be on me. Shoot, [Matthew] Judon ordered a pizza on my account from Houston, and [my dad] was like, 'Hey, I saw a charge from Domino's in Houston?'" Humphrey said with a laugh. "So, he's always looking at my financials, and if I do anything too crazy, he'll be on me probably trying to get me to take it back."

Most importantly, that extension will cover a LOT of bags of cat food, and perhaps a brother, for Snowflake.

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