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SociaLight: Kevin Zeitler Did Pass Blocking Sets While Wife Was in Labor


When you love football as much as new Ravens guard Kevin Zeitler, you don't take any days off – not even during the birth of your child.

Kevin and his wife, Sara Zeitler, welcomed their second child, Parker Lou, on Thursday. While Sara was in labor, Zeitler worked on his pass blocking technique in the hospital.

Zeitler, who signed a three-year deal with the Ravens this offseason, has already made a strong impression with the team and this certainly won't hurt.

Asked for his impression of Zeitler and fellow new veteran offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva, Head Coach John Harbaugh said, "Whether it's the meeting room, weight room, conditioning or on-the-field work –- they're all ball, all the time. I love that about them."

This also isn't the first time Zeitler has shown this kind of behavior.

"We can be anywhere and he'll be pass setting," Sara told a couple years ago. "On his off day, we went to a store to buy some patio furniture quick, and while I was working on the paperwork, he was pass setting. And I think it helps him relax, to be honest. He does it everywhere.

"He did it in the photography studio when we were having our newborn photos done. We were on vacation in a winery [north of Napa Valley], in a wine tunnel, and he's pass setting. It's just Kevin."

I think Lamar Jackson and the Ravens' run game is in good hands.

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