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SociaLight: Lamar Jackson Has Rapper Mike Jones Trending Again

Left: Rapper Mike Jones; Right: QB Lamar Jackson
Left: Rapper Mike Jones; Right: QB Lamar Jackson

You may have been surprised to see Mike Jones trending this week, and the rapper has Lamar Jackson to thank.

It all started when USA Today reporter Mike Jones asked Lamar a question after the Titans game. You may be thinking "WHO?" But, not that Mike Jones.

Perhaps you, like Head Coach John Harbaugh, were a little confused.

"I'm going to get a Mike Jones album or something, see what this Mike Jones is about," Harbaugh said. "He seems like he's popular."

Jackson recommended the song "Flossin'" to Harbaugh. "I listened to that a lot growing up," he said with a laugh.

We've got you covered, Harbs. Check out one of his hits from Back Then.

Luckily, reporter Mike Jones was a good sport.

The rapper weighed in with a song suggestion for Coach for this weekend's game.

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