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SociaLight: Lamar Jackson Names His Price for No. 8 Jersey


New NFL rules were voted into effect this week, but there is one getting significant buzz from NFL players.

That's right! The new rule allowing running backs, tight ends, defensive backs and linebackers to use single digits officially passed. Patrick Queen was immediately on the prowl.

Queen wore No. 8 as a national champion at LSU, but there is just one little problem. No. 8 is in use by MVP Lamar Jackson. Actually, there are two problems for Queen.

The number's current owner did weigh in to name his price.

We may have a Fresh Prince in the kitchen situation.

How about $100 million??

Marlon Humphrey had his defensive brother's back though.

DeShon Elliot, who wore No. 4 as an All-American at Texas, began to investigate if he could acquire Sam Koch's current jersey number. What kind of teammate doesn't know his guy is on Twitter? Shame!

We anxiously await Sam's reply…

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