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SociaLight: Phil Mickelson Gives Marlon Humphrey Advice

Left: Phil Mickelson; Right: CB Marlon Humphrey

Marlon Humphrey is known for his hot takes on Twitter. He even disparaged mac & cheese.

But this time, he took it too far. Six-time major champion (and avid Tweeter) Phil Mickelson had to set the record straight. No coffee slander will be tolerated here.

Phil is such a big coffee guy, he even started his own company, so "you can be a better you, every single day."

They don't give out an award for "Best Social Media Account by a Professional Athlete" but if they did, both Phil and Marlon would be on the short list.

Marlon sure has a lot of famous friends. Not sure how Lefty got on the list, but we'll take it!

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