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SociaLight: Ray Lewis Wishes Patrick Queen a Happy Birthday on Cameo

081321 SL
Ray Lewis (via @ravens on Instagram)

Everyone loves a celebrity Cameo shoutout for their birthday and Patrick Queen is no different.

His parents, Dwayne and Mary, booked his idol, Ray Lewis, to wish Queen a happy 22nd birthday.

Ray thought it was pretty funny. Hopefully, he gave them the Ravens discount!

"I want you to understand how important it is to stay focused on your career," Lewis said. "You have to totally dedicate everything to it.

"My man, 22 is a big number because you're a young lion. But I'll tell you what, you got too much left in the tank. It's all here [points to his head], everything else will follow."

Queen has drawn lots of comparisons to Lewis already and the HOFer expects big things from his "young king." You can always count on Ray for sage advice.

Lamar Jackson dubbed Queen "Ray Lewis Jr." when he was drafted.

Queen grew up idolizing Lewis and paid him tribute after his first regular-season NFL game.

Even the HOFer's former coach sees the comparisons.

Maybe next year, Queen's parents will book Lamar Jackson on Cameo like the Cardinals QBs did for Kyler Murray.

It's a big day for birthdays in the Ravens Flock, so be sure to show these guys some love today!

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