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Steve Smith's Wife, Angie, Is Challenging A Steelers Wife


Angie Smith concedes that her husband, Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr., is more competitive than her, but she's definitely got it in her bones too.

That's why Angie has joined a competition with Risalyn Williams, wife of Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams, to see who can raise more money for their respective charities of choice.

The Ravens and Steelers will square off in just over a week to perhaps decide the winner of the AFC North, and the wives are getting in on the rivalry too.

The two women have launched pages on GoFundMe. Currently, Angie is ahead by $79. Fans can donate to Angie’s cause online.

Angie's charity of choice is the Maryland Food Bank. She has a goal of $5,000 and is already closing in on $1,000 after three days. Angie said she chose the Maryland Food Bank, in part, because she's passionate about food and health.

"Since we play each other on Christmas day, what better way to engage this rivalry than to give back to each of our communities in our own, 'Off the Field Battle of the Bucks,'" she said.

The Smith and Williams families have been close since Steve and DeAngelo played together for eight years with the Carolina Panthers. They still both reside in the Charlotte, N.C. area. Risalyn came up with the idea for the competition.

"She called me one day and thought it would be fun to have a friendly competition between us ladies and I thought it would be fun," Angie said. "It's more just bragging rights, I guess."

Angie definitely has a competitive streak, especially when it comes to family board games, as Steve talked about on an episode of “The Lounge” podcast (28:00 mark). She once hit him with the "X-pac," while pregnant, after winning a game of Yahtzee.

But Steve still takes the cake when it comes to intensity.

"All of us and the kids are all competitive, but I would say he is the most competitive – for sure," Angie said. "We like to talk trash too. He is the worst loser. He does not like to lose; he'll sulk about it."

So will the Smiths be upset if they fall to the Williams family and Steelers in the charity competition?

"I don't think we'll lose," Angie said.

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