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The Caw: Ravens Super Bowl Bloopers


The cameras were all on. The stage was set.


That was tight end Billy Bajema's introduction to Super Bowl XLVII.

The veteran banged his head (hard) upon exiting the team's charter plane. It's a walk that every kid probably dreams about. Walk down the steps with the media waiting, capturing the stars' every move.

Only this time, Bajema wishes the cameras weren't on.

"It had kind of low ceiling and I banged my head," Bajema said. "I looked around and thought, 'Oh, sweet, nobody saw that.' I thought I was good."

That was until later that evening during a team meeting when Head Coach John Harbaugh came up to Bajema and told him he made big news. It was on the NFL Network.

Well at least Bajema isn't alone in his embarrassment.

Running back Ray Rice arrived to the Super Bowl with split pants.

"I sat on something on the bus and then I had a little rip in my pants," Rice said. "Nobody saw it though, so it was pretty good."

Well nobody knew about it until Rice announced it to the media. He just couldn't contain himself.

"It wasn't down the middle," he thankfully told us. "You couldn't see it; my jacket was covering it. I showed Ray Lewis. That's good luck; something good is going to happen out of that."

I've never heard of splitting your pants being good luck. But if it is, pass me the gumbo.

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