The Caw: Ray Lewis Will Appear in an Upcoming Baltimore-Based Movie


Ray Lewis has been in zillions of commercials.

How could we forget him riding an oversized raven into outer space?

Now Lewis will take his talents to the silver screen in an upcoming comedy called "Potential," which is a Maryland-based movie created by a Maryland-based writer/director (Jason Slawson) and funded by a Maryland company (SNM Global Holdings).

According to IMDb, the movie is, "A dramatic comedy about the life choices we make and what happens when the world grows up without us. 'Potential' follows the lives of two thirty-somethings trying to jump-start their respective futures. Broke and struggling, they fight to make ends meet and gain forward momentum in their lives, all the while dealing with dead-end jobs, faltering relationships, and the successes of their friends."

Producer Grant Slawson talked with CEO of SNM Global Holdings Troy Lowman about Lewis' cameo.

"You guys have an ingenious way that you want to use him," Lowman said. "I won't spoil it for everybody, but I think it will be one of the highlights of the movie."

Lewis had a cameo in the movie "Draft Day" (2014), but has yet to really break out on the movie scene. Given that "Potential" has such a Maryland tie, the movie's creators saw a chance to highlight Lewis' national appeal.

Lewis was in Baltimore last weekend as the film held a casting call at Jimmy's Seafood. No word on when the movie will be released, but pre-production filming is reportedly set to begin in August.

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