Transcripts: Ravens Players Post-Game Quotes



On how important the win was:

"It's obviously really big, especially because we were staring 1-2 in the face. To be able to play the last five minutes the way we are and get another chance and come away with one was huge."

On WR Steve Smith's last-minute play to set up the game-winning field goal:

"Yeah, he had a big play there. We were talking on the sideline about what we wanted to do. We got the ball in good field position, completed the pass and kind of got in range to take a little shot, and it worked out well."

On if he meant to go up against DB Joe Haden on the last play:

"Yeah, we were trying to communicate a little coming out of the huddle. I was talking to (Ravens WR) Torrey (Smith), talking to (Ravens WR) Steve (Smith). I know I communicated very well with Steve. If I got one high, and I got a shot on whomever it was out there. Until right now, I didn't even realize it was Haden. I think he was over there most of the game. It really didn't matter. I wanted to take a shot there and it worked out."

On if playing in Cleveland makes him feel calm:

"I don't know. When you're in the moment, it's tough not to be calm. You just react and you're playing, you're getting the call, I'm giving it to everybody, they're getting it, they're getting it. There's no real time to think about negative things that creep into your mind and cause you to not play very well. Everything happens so quick out there you just keep playing. That's at least my experience with it so it's kind of tough not to be calm and play."

On if he knew they would get the ball back at the end of the fourth quarter:

"Well, I didn't know. I knew we would have an opportunity. We backed them up in there, not that that matters, I figured they were going to run the ball twice anyway and then we called a timeout. So, they had a chance there. I think there was like, 2:08, 2:09, left on the clock. Either way the clock was going to get stopped again. So you knew they had a chance to throw the ball there. Obviously, once we stopped them on the third down there when they tried to throw the ball, I was hoping for pretty good field position. (WR) Jacoby (Jones) came up and made a fair catch right at the 50. At that point, you do that every day in practice, go get 20-25 yards, 30 yards, as much as you can and give your field goal kicker an opportunity. We got a pretty good one."

On Ravens TE Dennis Pitta injury:

"When you're in the middle of a game, you don't think too much about that stuff, but yeah, it's not easy. Dennis is a good friend. He's a good teammate and he's a hell of a player. No matter who it is, it's tough to see it happen. When it looks like it might be what it is or it might be serious, it's not too easy. Like I said, I think in the middle of the game, you kind of just go out and complete a play and keep your mind off of it. It's going to be rough over the next day or two just thinking about it or talking to him and seeing how he feels about it. I know last time he got hurt, he was pretty optimistic about everything. It'll be interesting to talk to him. It's tough."

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On the team's emphasis to get the running game going:

"We wanted to establish the run. You have to when you play on the road and you're playing a tough divisional game. We wanted to establish the run and take control of the clock."

On getting the ball back with two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter:

"We've got to make plays. It's our time to execute. Defense did it, special teams did it and then it was our time."



On if he exhaled after that blocked kick and felt that he made up for some of the secondary's errors in the game:

"Not exhale, but there's going to be struggles no matter what, every single game. I think one of the best things about the Ravens, we've got a team and an organization that doesn't know the definition of giving up. Today, I think that we showed that."

On how confident he was when the offense got the ball back with two minutes left at the 50-yard line:

"That's (QB) Joe Flacco time, man. That's what he does. That's what he's done all the time that I've been here. So, when Joe gets the ball with under four or five minutes left, I sit back. I don't even have to come up and watch. That what he does and we've got the guys around him to make plays. You guys saw it again."



On getting a divisional win on the road:

"A divisional win is always huge. For us to come into what we described as a 'hateful environment', it's huge. For us to have that mental fortitude to win a game like this is really big for us, and it's going to pay dividends down the line."

On if there was an emphasis to get the ground game going to open up the passing game:

"I think we always have that emphasis. I feel like getting the run game (going) gets everything else going. By doing that, it just opens up the passing game and everything else."

On what his emotions were like watching the game-winning field goal:

"There's nothing like that. You can't describe that. To win a game that I feel like we really, really fought for and to see Justin (K Justin Tucker) finish it for us, it's really unbelievable."

On what it meant to him to score his first career touchdown in his hometown of Cleveland:

"It definitely meant a lot to me. Having gone the first two games without any touches, I kind of thought to myself, maybe it was meant to be that my first catch and my first touchdown would be in front of my hometown."



On QB Joe Flacco's contribution toward their win today:

"One of the coolest things is how calming Joe is. We call him 'Joe Cool.' Throughout the whole game, good or bad, Joe stays the same. He comes in, he gives a play and he may say a few things after the play in order to make adjustments. This makes it so much easier to focus on the game. I've always worked well in chaos, but as I've continued playing, I prefer feeling calm. For that reason, it's so refreshing to have a quarterback that makes the huddle so calm. It's so much easier to concentrate and do our job."* *

On his part in the last catch of the game:

"When I lined up, I thought the best option was for me to make the play. That's how I practice and that's how I play. When the defense stopped and the Browns punted, the coaches told us to go and make the play. I responded by saying, 'That's what we're here for.' It doesn't matter which division or team we're playing against, I expect myself to be the one to make the best plays every time."

On being part of the Ravens' team:

"When I accepted that jersey, I'm expected to do my best. I think it's been great thus far. It's been a short ride, but it's been awesome. I've been enjoying it. You enjoy it for a day and then you move on to better yourself."



On the comeback win:

"We have done it before. You're only as good as the last time you did it, but we know that this defense is capable of making plays and winning the game. We were all sitting on the edge of our seat until the field goal went in."

On apparent injury:

"I'm alright. I'm alright. We are going to check it out and find out what's going on, but I'm going to be alright. We don't discuss injuries."

On getting a big bounce-back win after loss at home:

"After letting one go at home, you definitely have to make it up and get one on the road. We may have done that, but we just can't drop any more at home. We have to win all of our home game from here on out. It's the NFL and wins are hard to come by. We just have to continue to play."

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