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Transcripts: Ravens Postgame Quotes (10/15)


Opening Statement: "Thanks for coming in here. [I] really appreciate everybody being here. Heck of a week capped off by a really great football game. [I] appreciate the Titans. That's a tough, hard-nosed, competitive team, well-coached. They played that way today. It was an exciting game. We're very, very pleased to come away with a win. I'm proud of our guys. I thought our guys fought through a lot of adversity in that game, some controllable, some not. They managed to find a way to close it at the end. Defense closed it at the end with a stop down there, and then with the hands team to close it at the end. Offensively to go down there and get that drive, get that three – that three points was massive – a massive three points at the end there in that final drive in the fourth quarter. [I'm] just happy with our guys. Lamar Jackson played one of the most courageous games I've ever seen. [He] just continues to do that. [There are] so many areas that we can continue to improve [and] so many individual efforts that we could run a list here of guys. I just did in the locker room. If you get a chance to watch that, you'll have the list. I'm proud of our guys [and] looking forward to getting back home. We have a tough game against the Lions at home, [who are] playing very well this year. We'll be getting prepared for that. What questions do you have?"

Can you describe for us the feeling of becoming the head coach to lead Baltimore to its first-ever win in London? "It's a great feeling. It's better than the alternative, by far. I can tell you that. It's been a great experience. It's a lot better when you win, I can tell you from experience, but we're glad to be here. The fans are great. The fans were loud. I love the singing. It was a loud stadium. It was like a home game. It was like an NFL game as far as the fans [were]. I thought they were very knowledgeable. They know the game over here. That was impressive to see. It's just a very impressive crowd."

You've coached several different Ravens teams over the years. What does the success look like in mid-October at this stage for your team in 2023?"Well, right now it's a process. That's a good question. At this point in time, it's an early season. No championships are won in Week 4, Week 5 [or] Week 6. Odell Beckham [Jr.] even said that earlier in the week. We're kind of looking in terms of what are we capable of becoming. We lost some games we should have won. We played good football in stretches, but we made mistakes. We've shot ourselves in the foot way too many times. What success looks like right now is heart, the ability to overcome adversity, keep fighting till the end, find a way to win, make plays when it counts and to keep improving. We keep improving, at some point in time you get over the top, you break out and you start winning by larger margins. That's what we're going to try to do."

OLB Jadeveon Clowney had a great game today, getting two sacks. How would you describe his impact on this team today and more generally?"[Jadeveon Clowney] is a guy that we didn't necessarily expect to have at the beginning of the season. We've been playing against him all these years. [I've] always admired the way he played, his energy level. You can see it. The dreads are flying everywhere. He's throwing his body around, had the sacks today [and] had the run stops today. He's been a great addition to our team. He's another guy who was always a Raven and didn't know it until he got here. I will just add, the rest of the pass rush, too, Justin Madubuike did a great job. Kyle Van Noy did a great job. I thought Michael Pierce and Broderick Washington were pushing the pocket really well. A lot of guys stepped up with that."

You've been in London for a week. What have you learned about the squad that you didn't know before? What have you learned about yourself maybe as a coach off the pitch as well?"I learned I can win a game in London. That was nice to know, but I really enjoyed Tottenham, when we practiced over there. Just looking at the facilities, I had a chance to talk to their various staff members. The head coach was amazing. I really liked that guy. He's really good with people. He really understands just how to motivate a team [and] how to build an organization. He's done it in different places. I was trying to pick his brain as much as I could. All the people around him, the performance people were pretty special. We got to see the young players. It's kind of cool seeing the academy. That's different than us. We have the high school and the college. You guys have the academies with the clubs. [We were] talking to those kids. They're kids, yet they're very talented. I learned a lot about how small our sporting world really is."

Is there anything you think you need to work on to be able to convert some of those opportunities into touchdowns? "We really do. The best way to put it in the end zone and the red zone is to run it in. We haven't been as successful the last two weeks as we were the first three weeks. That's kind of how it works. It's a week-to-week league. We have a quarterback that can do a lot of things in the red zone, [who] can make plays in the red zone. We have receivers that can do it. We're capable of it. I am really thankful for Justin [Tucker]. He made all those kicks. It's probably fun for the crowd here to see, but we need to score [touchdowns]. That could have been a much more comfortable game for us if we'd done that."

Can you expand a little bit more on QB Lamar Jackson's performance today?"He made some throws, but more than that, there were some situations where guys were covered a little bit. It wasn't easy. That's a really good defense we were playing against. [He] kept plays alive [and had a] couple critical first downs. I thought the seam route up the right side in the fourth quarter, to Mark Andrews, to see that route, put that right on the money ... Of course, Mark made a great play on it. That was a game-changing, sealing play there. Without that play, it's a completely different game. The runs he made were pretty phenomenal."

To see your team finish that way when the game was tight, what does that say about the improvements the team has made? (Ryan Mink) "We talked a lot about closing games out, becoming closers. We talked about the Orioles a little bit with that, how they were able to close games out this year. That's something that we're striving to do on both sides of the ball. We're not quite as good as we need to be yet. Our defense played [well] throughout the game. The only first downs they really had were the penalties, which we have too many of – and I'm not going to comment too much on today when asked about – but I'm proud of our defense for getting that last stop."

Can you talk about WR Zay Flowers' great start to the season? "Zay [Flowers] has obviously made so many nice plays for us, but he didn't have a touchdown yet. He's only a rookie. We are pretty far in the season. It took [until] game 6 for him to get his first touchdown. I just had visions of future touchdowns. When I saw that ... It's like the analogy my dad always makes [about] olives. Ever open up an olive jar? And what happens with the olive jar? Do the olives come pouring out? They don't come out. What do you have to do? You got to get the first one out, right? Once you get the first one out, the rest of them pour out. Hopefully, that was Zay's first olive, and there will be many more to come."

You were down four or five defensive players, just with the personnel. Do you have any updates on those guys? (Jeff Zrebiec)"Don't have any updates now in terms of the level of seriousness, so we'll see. We have to get back home and take a look at those right now. Nothing that needed an X-ray or anything like that. We do know that."

How difficult it was with the moving personnel and defenders going out? _(Jeff Zrebiec) _"We were out some personnel groups. We had a tough time getting our field goal group on the field. That was a challenge for us, getting 11 guys on that. Sometimes you don't know who is on or off. Guys kind of forget. That was a big challenge for us. I will say this. Credit to our personnel [and] start with [executive vice president & general manager] Eric DeCosta. I mean, the fact that this team has been through this, pretty much almost every game ... You look at the NFL. It's becoming more and more like that. It's a big challenge. For those guys to come in and not even bat an eye ... Look at guys like Jeremiah Moon. You don't know Jeremiah Moon. He's out there giving us quality reps. We have a lot of guys stepping up. Geno Stone, how well has he played this year? He's always done it. Eric has done a phenomenal job in terms of doing something he believes in. He built a deep football team, which has really paid off for us so far."

What were your thoughts on S Kyle Hamilton's hit and the ejection? (Jamison Hensley)"It was helmet contact, so I understood the flag. The ejection wasn't explained to me on the field. They didn't know on the field. It came from New York, I guess. [They'll] have to explain to us why. That's not something we've seen before. That's a new one, as far as I'm concerned."

You mentioned the kick being a massive moment there. Momentum-wise, how big was S Geno Stone's interception at that point? (Brian Wacker)"[It was] such a big play. I mean, you have to make plays. I mean, you have to make plays. You can't go out there and just play perfect and make tackles. If you do that, they're going to move the ball down the field and score eventually, unless they make a mistake. You have to find a way to come up with a sack. [You] have to get a sack-fumble, knock a ball loose [or] get an interception. Geno has had a couple big ones so far this year. That was a huge play, you're right.'

Can you talk further about the courageousness that QB Lamar Jackson showed? (Jonas Shaffer)"I just think [Lamar Jackson] has hung in the pocket. He got away. He was holding the ball, trying to wait for the guys to get open, so he has lot of patience in the pocket, yet stepping up and making a couple runs [and] converted some first downs when we had to have them. He's not afraid. Lamar is a very courageous guy. You have to admire him. I admire him for that."


(on the crowd being mostly Ravens fans) "It's Ravens Flock in London. They were holding up their end of the bargain. [I] love to see it. [I] love to see that from our fanbase and how universal they are. I've really enjoyed my time here in London, the people [and] different culture than I'm used to. I've never been out of the country like this. [I'm] very thankful I got to experience this." 

(on if spending the entire week in London was a good team-building experience) "Yes, I think so. I think guys got to get around each other [and] have some fun. [We] went downtown and saw central London. Just being around the guys the whole time and the whole week is kind of like [training] camp, in a way, but we're in season, so guys got days off." 

(on their next game against the Detroit Lions) "[We play the Detroit] Lions next. Obviously, [they're] a really, really good team. We have to be prepared, [be] mentally ready to go and get back on our sleeping schedule." 


(on the atmosphere during the game and the importance of getting a win over the Tennessee Titans) "Every game is important. I feel like we're supposed to win every time we play. That's always the goal. The atmosphere is electric. It was just such a beautiful thing. I think a few things – music [or] sports – anything that a group of people can come together for from different cultures, I think is just always great. The atmosphere was electric. [It was] very, very fun playing in that beautiful stadium. I'm just grateful for that opportunity." 

(on the adversity the team faced in the third quarter when S Marcus Williams went down)"[It's] just the unfortunate business that we're in. I'm praying that [the injury] is nothing serious. [Marcus Williams] is a guy who's worked very hard to overcome something that happened to him in the first game. There [are] people in this room that are soldiers. They continue to push their bodies [and] their mind. It's not easy to do or handle that. [I] hope that he's alright. We found a way to overcome it, and that's what the great teams do." 

(on what the win means for the team)"Not to downplay it, but it's just another game. It's just another win, but it was the most important win because it was the opportunity that we had today. I think our group of people [knows] exactly where we're at and where we're supposed to be. There's always that goal to keep working and keep climbing." 

(on WR Zay Flowers' first career touchdown catch) "If someone could've had the camera on me when [Zay Flowers] scored, you just would've seen my whole teeth. I don't know how many I have – 32? I had a wisdom tooth pulled, so maybe 30. I was so happy to see him score. Just the smile on his face … This is someone that you're in a room with who you're with daily. To finally get that off his back … But, finally he got in the end zone. We're all happy for him. Once one person in the receiver room scores, we all feel like we scored. It's great. [I'm] just excited for him." 

(on him noticing the electric atmosphere despite being in the zone) "If you ask any other person who plays, I don't know. You can't notice everything that's going on, but there are certain moments where you'll notice like my mom. I saw her or two of my friends from London or whatever it is. [There are] certain moments that you have with certain people [that] you can't … With 61,000 [people], it's hard to see everything. There are certain moments that happen in the game." 

(on how it feels to play in a country that has a more popular athlete with the last name Beckham)"[David Beckham] is my big cousin, so it's all good." (laughter) "I always reach out to him and get advice from him and all that. It's just great. I always try to live up to that legacy. I definitely wanted to do some soccer – or football – celebrations, but it wasn't in the plans. I've been to London plenty of times. I've actually stayed for an extended period of time out here, so it's definitely a familiar place for me." 

(on his overall experience of visiting and playing in London)"I love it. Like I said, it was Von Miller and I. We stayed out here for an extended period of time. Shoutout to Rosewood. We love the Rosewood. [It's a] great hotel." (laughter) "It's a beautiful place. When we come from other places, you like to enjoy and see things and get food and just see a different environment. We grew up in America for so much of our lives. It's great to experience other things, and it's a blessing to be able to be fortunate enough to be able to do these kinds of things. I was very grateful for the moment." 

(on if staying an entire week in London was a good team building experience and if it helps in getting ready for the game) "I don't know. It was tough. The time zone [change], it's definitely tough, and then to figure out when you're going to go to sleep. There were a couple days where I felt like my mind was there but my body was still across the pond. It's a beautiful experience. There were no complaints. The NFL did a great job hosting this in the U.K. [We] came out and [there] was unbelievable support. Hopefully, [I] get another one of those games before it's all said and done." 

(on if it will be a happy plane ride going home after the win)"Absolutely. [There] won't be too many complaints. The plane ride won't be quiet." 


(on playing in London)"It's amazing. Just to play in a stadium and play in the U.K. and have the best fans. There were great fans out there. So, it was just great playing, and everything went according to plan." 

(on what the atmosphere in London was like compared to a game in the states)"It felt like I was playing at home. It was louder than I anticipated, so it was great."  

(on what it feels like to have a lot of fans from the United Kingdom and if it's weird knowing there are so many fans out here)"A little bit because when I was [driving] around the city during the week, I saw a lot of Ravens jersey's [and] a lot of fans. Once I got out there, it was just like I was playing back at home like it was the same thing."  

(on what were things that surprised him about the United Kingdom) "[I was surprised at] how many people are in the city. It's a lot of people in the city. I wasn't expecting that, but every place I've been to, it was great. The city was great. The hotel we stayed in was a great view and a great place. Everybody in London showed love."  

(on what's next for the team)"We're going straight back, going back home and we have to adjust back to the time. So, we should be good." 

(on what he wants to say to the United Kingdom Ravens fans)"Thanks for coming out and showing support, Ravens Flock."  

(on how he felt scoring his first NFL touchdown) "When we score, we all score. So, we just all feel good."  

(on WR Odell Beckham Jr. saying how good he felt when watching him score)"Yes, he did. He's been waiting on me to get one. He tells me every week, 'I feel it, I feel it.' As long as he has that confidence in me … I have one [touchdown], so that whole conversation will be over with."  

(on his touchdown in the game)"It was a scramble drill. Me and Lamar [Jackson] have been connecting the whole season on scramble drills, and we were able to find the end zone on that one." 

(on winning the game and coming home with a 4-2 record) "Yes. We could have scored a little bit more in the red zone, but 'JT' [Justin Tucker] came through and made all the field goals for us and put us up, so I'm thankful to have him." 

(on the atmosphere in the stadium)"It was great. It was like playing back at home. I even forgot I was in London. But the only thing that reminded me was the stadium, how it looked. But it was great fans. [I had a] great time. I enjoyed it." 

(on the stadium being predominantly Ravens fans)"Yes. I was surprised how many Ravens fans were here, honestly. I thought it was just going to be like … Because the other games I watched, it was just a whole bunch of different jerseys, and this game, it was a lot of Ravens fans, a lot of Lamar Jackson jerseys, so it couldn't get any better than that. It felt like we played at home."  

(on this being his fist time in Europe and what he'll take away from this trip) "Everything. I loved it – the atmosphere, everybody around and how the people treated us. It was great."  

(on the team coming to London early) "That was probably the best thing we did, coming in early. We were able to adjust and get on European time, and it just helped out. Just to come back and get a win out here is amazing." 

(on if his teammates are going to continue hyping him) "They always give me chat. Especially now that I've scored, they're going to keep doing it."


(on his reaction to being ejected from the game) "I didn't know at first. I heard the ref say something. I knew it was a flag. I heard the ref say something. Everybody on our defense started to question me being ejected. Then, [I] looked over, and nobody really told me I got ejected, but I just assumed I got kicked out of the game. Obviously, [it was] tough. My family is here, so it was tough to see them travel all this way and not see me finish the game. It's the call the refs made, and I have to live with it." 

(on if he can describe the play) "Yes. I was playing [in] the middle [of the field], playing post. [I] had eyes on the quarterback, I saw him throw the ball, [I was] driving on the ball and then turned to look at the receiver [for a] split second. [I] hit him [and] tried to get the ball out. He came up, shaken up, unfortunately, so [I'm] praying for him. Hopefully, he's doing well. Hopefully, he's back in a week or whenever he comes back. But yes, like you said, [there was] nothing malicious about it from my perspective. I wasn't trying to hurt him. I wasn't trying to do anything bad. I was just trying to get the ball out." 

(on if he got an explanation from anybody about why he was ejected) "Like I said, I didn't even know I was ejected until somebody on defense said it. I asked the refs who were near me, and they said they didn't know what was going on. Nobody really told me I was ejected. I just walked off the field. Obviously, I was." 

(on his feelings after being ejected) "[It was the] heat of the moment. I wish I could take it back right now. I wasn't trying to hurt anybody's feelings or anything. I obviously just disagree with the call in the moment, not being able to see back. I do agree that maybe a flag should have been thrown, but coming all this way, I've been over here for a week. I had my mom and brother come out here. It's my brother's birthday. It's just tough not being able to finish the game."  

(on if he's watched the play since the game ended)"Yes. I have seen it. After seeing it, it's the call that was made. Is it made 100 percent of the time? I don't know, but at the same time, it was the call that was made. [I] don't have really any quarrels with the call itself, but obviously, I just don't want to be ejected. But, at the end of the day, the story is not about me. We came out here and got a win. Everybody was locked in [and] focused. Shoutout [to] Geno [Stone]. He got another pick. It just goes to show how deep we are as a team. Guys are stepping [up] on both sides of the ball, special teams, just getting the job done." 


(on the atmosphere in the stadium from the British fans) "It was phenomenal. The atmosphere was crazy. I think I heard a lot of Ravens fans in the crowd. Even though it was a Tennessee home [game], I believe our fans went crazy. That's what I believe. [It was] a great atmosphere." 

(on who's the bigger joystick between him and WR Zay Flowers)"Actually, that's funny. His brother was great, great when we were little kids, even high school. They used to call his brother Joystick, and I told him, 'You're going to have to steal that name because you're different. We're in the league now, so you have to take that name from him." 

(on the frustration level in the red zone in today's game when in the first three weeks, the team excelled in the red zone) "I think that's what it was. You guys [the media] hyping it up a little bit jinxed us a little bit. Just keep it down a little bit when we're having so much success in the red zone, but we just have to find a way [to] lock in more. We do a great job with driving the ball down the field, but it's like every time we get there, it's like we're just kicking field goals, [and then] it's up to 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker]. But we don't need that. [We have to] protect the ball. The biggest emphasis was we caught the ball this week. We drove the ball down the field. We protected it, except for that one interception, but we have to punch it in. That's going to help our defense out a lot, and they're doing a great job protecting us."  

(on if he wishes he threw the ball a lot more in the red zone today)"The [Titans] defense is pretty great. They weren't giving us [any] real chances of making passes. They played great. I wasn't trying to run the ball, but it was what it was. We still finished with the field goals." 

(on how he felt spending the week in London) "I believe it was a great decision for us to be out here early, instead of us coming out here last-minute, and then trying to let our bodies cope with what is going on with the atmosphere, this timing and stuff like that. It was a great decision by coaches." 

(on what was the key turning the momentum back into the offenses favor) "[It's] just locking in. They had that turnover. Like I said, they had that turnover. No. 0 [Sean Murphy-Bunting] made a heck of a catch. They had that turnover, and they had momentum. They drove the ball down, [and] ended up scoring a field goal, I believe, but our job was to stay locked in, [and] don't let that overwhelm us. [We just had to] keep staying locked in and try to drive the ball down the field, and make something happen." 

(on what it means to him hearing head coach John Harbaugh say this was the most courageous performance he's seen so far from him)"That means a lot coming from my head coach, definitely. But, [in terms of] how far we can go this season, the sky's the limit, as I've been saying all season, but we have to finish in the end zone. We need to find a way to score points. And I believe that's what is slowing us down. We drive the field, no problem. It's been happening every game, but it's the red zone part, the black zone, [where] we need to find a way to punch it in and we'll go from there." 

(on how important it was for him to come to London and put on a show for the fans)"It was our job to put on a show for the fans because basketball has been taking over [and] soccer – or football – has been taking over. But to have American football put on a great show for the fans and the people at home, it was tremendous. It was our job to do it, and I believe we did quite a good job today."  


(on how rewarding is it to get the win after having to adjust to so many changes)"It's a good feeling. I feel like [on] special teams, offense [and] defense, we all were clicking. Obviously, [it's] not the perfect game that we wanted, but rarely is it in that case. So, I'm glad we got the win, especially coming all the way from the United States to here, dealing with just the differences and stuff like that. So, it feels good to get the win here." 

(on if today's win was a step forward in being a great team or was it more of the same)"No, [it's] definitely not the same. [It's] a step forward. Every time we get a win, I feel like it's a step forward. There are definitely things we need to clean up, but [it's] definitely a step forward in terms of just execution, and dominance especially on defense. So, [it's] definitely a step forward, for sure."

(on what was working so well for the pass-rush and how he is enjoying playing on the edge)"I love the edge. Anywhere on the defensive line – nose tackle or end – I enjoy it. I just love playing defensive line, first of all. Second, I just feel like in the pass-rush, it was just communication. Kyle [Van Noy was] communicating with me. Jadeveon [Clowney was] communicating with me. 'Mike' [Michael Pierce], 'Broddy' [Broderick Washington and] 'Trav' [Travis Jones were]. Everybody being on the same page, everybody having the same mind frame in order to attack the offensive line on the opposing team, I feel like that's what helped us execute at a high level." 

(on what it's like going against Titans RB Derrick Henry)"He's a good player. [He's] definitely one of the favorite players in the National Football League. He gets his respect. It was definitely an emphasis throughout the whole week to stop him at the line of scrimmage. He definitely had that good, explosive run, but outside of that, I think we contained him pretty well." 

(on how he would describe his experience playing in London in front of the European fans)"It was fun. It's definitely more fun when you get a win, but it was fun practicing here [and] seeing the city a little bit. Then, definitely focusing in on practice to get a win on Sunday is what we planned to do, and that's what was done. We're going to enjoy it, but we have a tough opponent next week, too." 


(on how he would describe the intensity of the game since there seems to be a rivalry with the Tennessee Titans) "Yes, there definitely [is]. That started before I even came here with Ray [Lewis] and Ed [Reed]. [It] just started happening [in] 2019, and then when I came [into the league] in 2020, there was a little bit of history already started. Then, coming out here in front of the fans, which were electric, for us being out of the country and stuff, you definitely can feel the intensity. It was very high. [For] every play, every snap, it was high intensity." 

(on how the team held on despite losing S Kyle Hamilton to ejection and S Marcus Williams with an injury)"That's the way we prepare. Everybody knows their job. We have faith in everybody [to] come in and do their job at a high level. Shoutout to [executive vice president & general manager] Eric [DeCosta] for getting everybody that we need, and we just went out there and played football. We're all brothers in the locker room; we know we have each other's back. All we have to do is just go out there and do is just talk and communicate and just go play football at a high level." 

(on what it means for the defense to have six sacks in the game)"That's what we preach, getting to the quarterback. Whoever's number we call to go do their job, we expect them to do their job. When they call my name, expect me to go do my job. I do my job at a high level, and I take a lot of pride in trying to get to the quarterback." 

(on if there is a mindset developing of the offense only needing a certain amount of points and the defense will be able to handle the rest)"We always say if the [opponent's] offense can't score, they can't win. As long as we do our job [and] keep them out of the end zone, we have a pretty good shot at winning. The field goals, that's what we're preaching on now, is just not even letting them get into field goal range. [We're] trying to take that away. There are a few plays here and there that we can clean up [and] shut that down. But for the most part, we're pretty proud of the way we're playing. There are just a few plays to clean up here and there." 

(on his reaction the officials ejected S Kyle Hamilton in the third quarter)"It's a tough call. Honestly, I don't think he should've been ejected. Was the hit kind of vicious? [It was] not really intended [to be]. But, whatever the official made, whatever call he made, we just have to roll with it and just play football at that point. I don't see anything wrong [about the hit]. We're playing football, at the end of the day, and he tried to go for the ball and fell down. I know Kyle [Hamilton] didn't intentionally try to hit him [Titans WR Chris Moore] in the head, but it's the sport that we play now. We just have to adapt." 

(on how pleased he was with how the team took care of business all week and if this win can help propel the team forward)"That comes from the guys behind the scenes that don't get talked about, [the] equipment [staff], video guys, nutrition [staff and] all that stuff behind the scenes. They take care of us. They really make our job easy. We don't have to tote around a lot of stuff. The traveling was good. Everything was good. [The] hospitality from all the people at the hotel really made our job easy from coming here early, trying to adjust to the time [difference], adjust our bodies, practice on the field, get everything that we need right here. All the people behind the scenes made it really easy for us. So, special shoutout to them." 


(on how cool it is to have made six field goals in the game) "It was pretty cool to feel love from the fans. Obviously, this is a place in the world where they love kickers of balls. Being able to put on just a little bit of a show for them was a lot of fun. Our guys did a great job of getting us in position to have those opportunities in the first place. Tyler [Ott] did an excellent job. Jordan [Stout] did an excellent job. Being able to keep the momentum going for our team in a positive way just by knocking down kicks was meaningful for us to winning the football game." 

(on if it was different kicking on the turf in London or if it was similar to other turf fields he has kicked on before) "I'm not going to get into all that right now. Win or lose, if I complain about something – not that I would complain – but if I were to complain about something that doesn't necessarily mean anything to anybody … I'll just say I'm happy that we were able to manage the surface and get out of here with a win." 

(on if he had fun conversations with the youth soccer players at the Tottenham practice facility) "We did, yes, [but] not necessarily about growing up playing soccer or football or whatever. One of the funniest conversations I feel like we had all week [was] Tyler [Ott] and Jordan [Stout] and I had an opportunity to go and watch the U-18 Tottenham [soccer] squad play, just briefly during our Friday practice. When the specialists weren't involved, we just walked over to stretch our legs and happened upon a match. [I] was talking to a couple of the reserve guys or younger guys. They were spectators for the day. There was one kid who was doing his best American accent while I've just been butchering the English language with my British accent all week. This kid was hilarious. He had us rolling. He was like, 'Let's go Spurs. Let's get some barbecue after the game, bro. Let's go to Olive Garden.'" (laughter) "It was all sixes and sevens. It was a good time. That was probably my favorite conversation I had with a real footballer while we were here." 

(on the enclosed Tottenham Hotspur stadium where the wind was not much of a factor)"We came here on Friday afternoon. The specialists came to the stadium to get the lay of the land and see what the surface was like and how the wind was and what the wind patterns may be in the stadium. On that particular day, it was a little drizzly. The wind was whipping through, even though it does look like it would be more enclosed. As soon as we walked in, I thought the stadium reminded me of what [the] Miami's stadium looks like [or] what [the] Seattle's stadium looks like where there's the awnings hanging on all of the ends and sides, which you would think would cut down on the wind or the weather or what have you. Thankfully, it held off today. It was a pretty nice day. The one thing I was struggling to do was stay warm on the sidelines. We're very spoiled when we're back in Baltimore. If it gets below 70 degrees, I'm probably a bit more delicate and less insulated than many of my teammates. I have the heated benches like we're ready to go, and I'm just sitting there baking most of the game. Today, we just had a little turbine jet heater thing that was just spitting out room temperature air. Just add that to the list. I tell the guys … I tell Tyler [Ott] and Jordan [Stout] every week, 'Hey, we're going to face adversity, and the measure of us as football players and as men is how we handle it.' So, not having heated benches – it was tough. We're glad to make it out here with a win." 

(on what it means to have a better performance in London than when they lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017 last time they were there)"I know there were a couple guys [that played in the London game in 2017]. I don't want to miss anybody, but I know Pat Ricard was here, Marlon [Humphrey and] Ronnie [Stanley]. There were a handful of guys. To be able to come out here … I think the management and powers that be did a great job of managing the week and travel and all of the stuff that goes into a trip across the pond to play a football game. I think our team did a really good job of handling that. [It was] definitely a much better result this go around than the last time, which we don't need to talk about that."  

(on the special teams' awareness throughout the game) "We're always tuned into the game and situations that pop up for us. That particular situation, we had no doubt. Our guys caught it, they connected. We just had to give ourselves a little bit more attention to let our defenses go out there and close out the game. To your original question, are we zeroed in on the situation? Are we focused in? Absolutely, which brings me to a very important point. My awareness rating on Madden is for some reason very, very low."(laughter) "I think that's the only reason why I might not be higher rated overall. Maybe by explaining that, the Madden ratings adjusters can get my awareness rating up. It's like a 50 [which is] just abysmal." 

(on if he is worried about his Madden rating)"No, not that I'm worried about it." (laughter) "I don't think I've played Madden in eight years, but Easton's getting a little bit bigger so he's going to want to start playing more video games. We'll see how we handle that."

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