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Two Cleveland Browns Answer


*With the Ravens preparing to take on the Cleveland Browns this weekend, two members of the enemy team answered a few questions about their squad. * gives you head coach Romeo Crennel and running back Jamal Lewis.

Head Coach Romeo Crennel

Are you mystified with what the offense has gone through in the first two games?

Romeo Crennel:"Yes, I am, because we expected more from the team, period. We expected the team to be improved, and we're not where we need to be. But, we are continuing to work on it, trying to get it right."

Can the offense's struggles be attributed to facing good defenses?

RC:"We had two very good defenses that we went against, and then we're getting ready to come up against another very good defense. But I've had some guys miss some time during preseason and training camp, and so I think that has impacted the offense because these are key position guys who have missed time. The quarterback [Derek Anderson] missed two games and also the practices associated with those. The wide receiver [Braylon Edwards], he missed three games and the practices associated with those. The other wide receiver [Donte' Stallworth], he pulls up in pre-game warm-ups in the first game, so he's missed two games. We haven't really had the full complement of guys working together to try to get the timing and execution that you need."

How is the team moving forward from an 0-2 start?

RC:"I think that the morale is still good in the locker room, because they gave a good effort Sunday night against the Steelers. We're in the ballgame, and so I think that they feel like if we can get the offense on track, that we'll have a chance to win some games."

What will Jamal Lewis' demeanor be coming into Sunday's game against his former team?

RC:"I think that his demeanor would be the same as it is as he approaches every game. He wants to be the guy that his number gets called. He wants to have the ball under his arm, and he wants to show that he's a very good running back."

Did the media have unrealistic expectations of what quarterback Derek Anderson could do in his second year as a full-time starter?

RC:"I think that the media has the same expectations that probably the fans have, because he showed that he could win 10 games in the NFL by doing it last year. So, everybody expects him to be able to do it again and do it easily. The NFL is not about easy. The NFL is about being tough and making the adjustments and making the plays that you have to make to help your team. Our offense has been a little inconsistent, so we haven't been able to make enough of the plays we need to make."

RB Jamal Lewis

Does it feel any different coming back to play in Baltimore?

Jamal Lewis:"Not really. Just being able to come into town and see some of the old guys and the old stomping grounds, that's about it. But it'll be real interesting."

What do you think about the Ravens' defense?

JL:"They're a good defense. They're a great defense, actually. They come with a lot of multiple fronts and have some hard-working guys up front and a great linebacking corps. So, that's what makes it tough to run the football. It just makes for a physical running game from the offensive standpoint because you know that they're going to be physical."

Do you feel more ingrained in the offense this year?

JL:"Yeah, it feels more comfortable with the scheme and everything because we've been running it now for two years, and everything's kind of clear and everybody's on the same page. Things are much simpler now, getting into the offense, just because it's a lot of multiple things and a lot of different things that I wasn't used to coming in here. But, now I'm pretty much used to them, and it's just a matter of trying to go out and execute what's called."

Are you looking forward to meeting any particular Ravens defender in the middle of the field?

JL:"Not really. I'm not looking forward to meeting any of them. I hope I don't meet anybody in the middle. I hope it's wide open. But I'm sure 52 [Ray Lewis] will be roaming around like he always is. The last two times we played them last year, they were interesting games. I had a good time, and it's just what football's all about – a physical football game."

Is this a time to panic after an 0-2 start?

JL:"No, definitely not. I've been in this league for awhile, and I know it's not a time to panic. I went to a Super Bowl with a team where we didn't score any points in five games. We lost a couple games early, too, and went on a nice winning streak. So, I don't panic. I know we have a good team. I know we have great players around, and we can get those things done."

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