What The Broncos Said After Their Win


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(On the defense's control of the game)"It might be the greatest defensive football game I've ever been a part of as a coach. On both sides of the ball, it was just tremendous. It was a battle all day."

(On if the ineffectiveness of the running game was hurting the passing game)"I think that we knew it would be tough to run the ball against them, but we didn't want to give up on it. At one point in the game, we got really out of whack as far as heavy run-to-pass. We struggled to run the ball at all coming out of the locker room in the second half. We just tried to do everything we can to stick with it. … Give them credit. They're a great defensive football team. They got after us."

(On why Manning was sacked more today than usual)"I think it's a combination of things. Obviously, we can't get him hit like that. One was a play-action pass and one was a max protection that we busted, I want to say two of them might have been max protection. We're in the best possible protection we can be in and we're getting sacked."

QB Peyton Manning

**(On why the offense relied more on the pass than the run)

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"I'm not really the spokesperson for that. I'll just tell you that Baltimore's got a really good defense. They were pretty stout all day against the run like they have been against a lot of teams."

(On throwing short passes and less deep passes)"Every play may have a deep threat on that play with a short throw, as well. [I] had a couple of chances to [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders]. [I] just missed him by a little bit. It's not a team that you want to sit back there and test how long you can hold the ball against."

S Darian Stewart

(On his interception to end the game)"I just saw the ball. It allowed me to have vision and I was able to make the play."

(On if his interception was the play of his career)
"It's up there. Yes, definitely."

(On how it felt to make the interception against his former team)
"It felt great. That's my old team and it was just good to go out there and finally get to hit them. I wasn't ever able to touch them last year, so I was active today. It was good."

CB Aqib Talib

(On his pick-six)
"It was a premium look for us. We were going to get the play all day. I checked the situation. I saw the look. He threw it right to me."

(On getting pressure on the quarterback early and often)
"It's a dream come true. It's a DB's dream to have that kind of pressure up front. You put that kind of pressure on a quarterback, he's throwing off his heels a lot. Receivers have to get in their route; not a lot of dancing at the line. It's a DB's dream to have pressure like that."

(On the dropped pass by Steve Smith Sr.)"I think when you really look at it, [Bradley Roby] got a hand on that ball and kind of misdirected it, you know, changed the course of the ball and made Steve drop it. It was a huge play by Roby."

(On Ravens Terrell Suggs' season-ending injury)
"He's one of the greatest edge setters, pass rushers, edge players, period. With him down, that's a huge loss for them. I'm just now hearing that. That's sorry to hear."

S David Bruton Jr.

(On what he saw on the game-sealing interception)
"Oh, three-by-one, I knew they were going to go to their tight end. He [Ravens tight end Crockett Gilmore] is a big target; he's made plays throughout the preseason. They went to him on the fourth down [earlier on the drive], so I felt like they probably had something. So I was just playing for that, and if he ran it out, he ran it out. I was going to take care of that middle read."

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