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What The Rams Are Saying About The Ravens


Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(on his biggest concerns about the Ravens offense)
"Just as a team overall, I talked about the point differential all year. They could very well be 7-2. Bad break the other night. They're playing really well. Special teams – leading the league in punt net and kickoff return and punt return. So, they're very well-coached which you would expect from [Head] Coach [John Harbaugh]. Defensively, they're solid. Their secondary is healing up a little bit. And then offensively, [Joe] Flacco can make every throw. They're well-coached, they're game planning. They run the football. Tight ends are catching the ball. They've got some injuries outside, but we all know what Chris [Givens] can do, he can really get down the field. This is a really good football team."

(on what Elvis Dumervil does so well as a pass rusher)
"He's got a great lean and bend and great outside speed. You have to respect the outside speed and then he'll come down the middle and he'll bull-rush. He's a good run defender as well."

(on if Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are Hall of Famers)
"For us, what comes to mind as far as Ed's concerned is what a threat he was as a punt rusher and the kicks that he blocked over his career. He was outstanding. I think it illustrates the kind of player he is. Not only was he a great safety and made all kinds of plays, but those other aspects of the game were important to him. He was outstanding. We've got tape and shown our guys tapes and plays of Ed Reed as a punt rusher off that side. So, he's one of the best that have ever done it. Yeah, outstanding career. Same thing with Ray. The two of them, they were the heart and soul of that defense."

(on if it's unusual for a team to have a run as long as the Ravens did with a good defense)
"Well, I don't know how long the run was, but we faced them a few times. We had some battles. We won a few of them and we lost a few of them."

QB Case Keenum

(on how much the Ravens being a familiar opponent helps)
"I played Baltimore last year. I've been to Baltimore there to their stadium before when I was with the Texans. I wasn't playing, but I've been to the stadium. It helps and it doesn't. It's previous years. It's a new team. It's a new opponent. Baltimore is a different team too. There's good and bad things there."

RB Todd Gurley

(on what he has seen on film of Baltimore)
"Just a physical team. From linebackers to the DB's. Just a great group of guys."

(on if he feels like he is a marked man on the field)
"No, I wouldn't say all that."

(on if it will be special for him to play in Baltimore because he spent part of his childhood there)
"Yeah, man. I grew up a Ravens fan, so it will definitely be. All of my family is there. It will definitely be a good feeling being able to play against a team I grew up rooting for."

WR Tavon Austin

(on where he played rec ball growing up in Baltimore)"I played rec ball – I started off – at Hanlon Park, and then I went to the Gwynns Falls 49ers."

(on what Baltimore neighborhood he was raised in)"I was right there in West Baltimore, right there by Mondawmin. That's where I was raised up."

(on whether he visits Baltimore in the offseason)
"The only time I really come home is when I'm giving a free camp to the kids or I'm doing some type of charity work for the kids or something like that. For the most part, I'm back in St. Louis getting ready for the next season and working out."

(on what it will be like to play in Baltimore this Sunday)"For the most part, it's going to feel good to play [at] home. It's about playing in front of my family [more than] anything. I won't let it get to me too much. At the end of the day, I have a job to get done. I'm trying to go in there and play how I always play – hard football, tough. My ultimate thing is to come down there and get a win, come over there and get a win. That's my main goal."

(on whether the Ravens look like a 2-7 team)
"They're definitely not a 2-7 team. They play hard on defense. [They have] great veteran DBs. We have to come to play. We have to come do our job and have to play Rams football. That's all it boils down to."

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