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What the Seahawks Said After Ravens' Big Road Win


Head Coach Pete Carroll

Opening Statement

"Well, this was an amazing football game, from my perspective, to watch us battle these guys and go toe-to-toe, in their style, in our style. Halftime was tied. It was a game that had a chance to go right down to the nub, but it didn't because we gave them two big scores. Whenever you lose the turnover ratio, you're in trouble. If you lose the turnover ratio and they score with them, then it's almost impossible, and we were trying to bring in a possible impossible comeback. There was a chance. We had a chance to score three times at the end, and that's what we were shooting for. But, we gave them too much."

"I thought we played really well on defense. I thought Lamar Jackson was phenomenal. It wasn't on their designed runs, it was on the scramble runs, that he was so explosive, and he's faster than he looked. When you saw him in person, he's faster than we saw him on film. He was able to just find the space and get out of things. There really wasn't any missed tackles. He just ran around people and found a way. I think they are doing a fantastic job with him in their offense. He's totally unique, and they know it, and they've recognized it and they're playing ball with him. That's a great factor."

On whether the Ravens' blitz was more problematic than expected:

"No. We weren't able to connect as much; the completion percentage was different than we've been. I thought our pass protection, particularly when you looked at us going down the field at the end of the second quarter in the two minute drive, the guys did a great job. I think Russ was able to maneuver within the pass rush that was happening today. I don't know how many times we went down; how many sacks were there? [One.] Russ is getting banged. He's going to hang in there until the last second. He's a stud about that. But, I thought the pass protection was pretty good."

On whether there was consideration of going for it on fourth-and-three as opposed to attempting a 53-yard field goal:

"Yeah. There's a discussion about that. 

QB Russell Wilson

On his pick-six:

"Just made a bad play. They obviously made the play and took it back to the house. But we weren't out of the game at that point. We stayed encouraged, were able to move the ball down the field the next drive. I think we scored or kicked a field goal or something like that and the game was 13-13 for awhile. But just disappointed, just a good player over there, he made a good play."

On if he was flirting with danger on that throw:

"Yeah, especially with him, he's pretty quick. He makes good plays, that's what he's been doing. So you got to move on and keep your head down and sometimes you just focus on the next play, expecting a lot of great things to happen after that."

On how their blitz affected him:

"They pressured a lot and I think we had some big opportunities down the field that we hit. There was a couple that we could have had potentially, too, down the field just because they were bringing pressure. We normally really like the pressure and stuff like that and we made some really good plays and they made some too. So it was just one of those games. It was really kind of down to the wire in the fourth quarter. It was a tight game between two really good teams. They made their plays on offense when they needed to on some third downs, and then we unfortunately weren't able to. So that's the name of the game. And we turned the ball over, that's not how we normally play, so that's just unfortunate for us."

On how much he admires Lamar Jackson:

"Lamar can really run. He had some crazy runs. He's really special out there, especially on some third downs and stuff. So he's had a great season, he's been playing great and always loved watching him in college and talked to him after the game, so he's a tremendous football player."

On meeting up with Earl Thomas on the field after the game:

"Obviously, playing against Earl, he's fun to play with. It's cool just seeing him on the side, just I know how much he loves the game. We battled back and forth throughout practice, and then today. So I have a lot of, I hold Earl in high regard, man, I really love him just how much he's meant to my family, his family and everything else and what that means and then also just to the Seahawks organization and what he's meant and so he played really good today, he played great, he was battling out there, back and forth, so like I said, Earl's one of the best to ever do it."

On sliding near the goal line with Thomas closing in:

"I knew it was Earl. We looked at each other, we knew, he knew it was me and I knew it was him. Like I said, I wish he was on our team just because he's such a great player, such a great friend, his family and everything else. But when I got out there I was like, okay, that's Earl, you know, so..."

On whether he thought about taking him on:

"Not really, no. Not really. I wasn't trying to do something crazy. A lot of season left, let's keep going. Go Hawks."

RB Chris Carson

On Jackson:

"You've got to respect that man's game. He's one of a kind. You don't see a lot of quarterbacks like that. For the most part, I think our defense did a great job. A couple plays he got away from us. It's our job as an offense. They put up points, we got to put up points, too. We had the same kind of weapon in our offense. We got to just take care of the ball better. Something that we've been struggling with this whole season. All credit goes to that team over there. We hurt ourselves a lot in that game."

C Justin Britt

On managing the Ravens' blitzing:

"Obviously, Russ got hit quite a bit today. We were scrambling. I think we did okay. I don't think we did great. I'm obviously included in that. I didn't start the game that well in pass pro[tection]. Trying to just not be myself, trying to make something up. We'll just have another good week, stay into it. We're 5-2. Let's end up 14-2. We'll be alright. Just keep going to work."

DE Jadeveon Clowney

On if seeing Jackson's speed in real life was different than film:

"It is. I always wanted to play against Michael Vick, I guess I'm getting the new era with Lamar Jackson right there. I'm a fan of him though. He's still a great player, did his thing today and won the game."

On if Jackson is the best quarterback they will face this season:

"Yeah, fast-wise. Speed, yes. Fastest I think we're ever going to see the rest of the season up to this point. I though Kyler Murray was fast. He's on a different level. He's on a whole different level. He's in a lane of his own. Fast guy. He can make anything happen for that team. They all own a bandwagon riding with them what they're supposed to do getting behind a quarterback. We got a great one here, too, though."

On if he was frustrated with Jackson the whole game:

"Yeah, the whole game. I'm telling him, we can't rush how we want. Can't get out of the rushing lane because we're scared he's going to run with the ball like he did today. Even though we stayed in our rush lane, he still found a way and made a play and got through there. He made a lot of guys miss today. He had a good game."

On if there was a play where he thought he had Jackson caught:

"Yeah, that goal line play. I thought I was going to get him. Anybody else probably would've fell and took the sack, but him, he just shot right up and there you go. There he went."

On if it was more about facing a tough quarterback or more about playing better:

"Eighty percent of it was facing that dude and stopping the run. We knew that he was going to come into the game and try to run. He's been having exploding run offs, explosive running all season. A lot of it was going to be on the quarterback. They got open. They got open for him when they made plays. He threw it to him. He ran with it the way he had been to get the job done."

WR Tyler Lockett

On how he thinks the offense did today:

"It was a tough day. I think the first half we did good. We did exactly what we wanted to do. We put ourselves in really great positions early on. I just think that in the second half, Baltimore switched a lot of stuff up. They played different types of defenses that they didn't in the first half. I think they did a really good job adjusting, kind of putting us in an awkward position."

On if Thomas was talking a lot on the field:

"Yeah, he was talking. Not talking trash or anything. He was just talking just getting the defense lined up. All that type of stuff. Just stuff he did in Seattle, making sure everybody knew what they were doing, knew the adjustments, all those different types of things based off of the plays they probably thought we were going to run. He was trying to put everybody in position to be able to stop what we were doing."

WR DK Metcalf

On his fumble:

"I was just trying to switch the ball and it came out. I just have to do better on my end. I'm not going to blame it on the weather. We practice with a wet ball all the time so I'm not going to blame it on the weather. It was my fault 100 percent."

LB Bobby Wagner

On how difficult it was to stop Lamar Jackson:

"A lot of it was really smart by him. I think he recognized that we were in man [coverage] and they ran some seams and got us going off our guy and took off. He's a really special and fast player."

On how frustrating it was to defend Jackson's scrambles:

"It's a little frustrating because we felt like we had a really good game plan. They had all types of runs: two pullers, they had quarterback, they had running back and we felt like we did a good job on the running back runs that they had. But then we get them to third down and he scrambles and we need to do a better job chasing."

On why it's hard to contain Jackson for four quarters:

"A lot of people don't respect his ability to throw the ball and he's a really good thrower. Combine that with his ability to run the ball and that makes it really tough because you come up on him and he throws it over your head. And if you stay back, he takes off. It makes you be very disciplined and he did a good job calling his number today."

LB K.J. Wright

On if there was a breakdown in defense on Jackson's 30-yard run in the fourth quarter:

"There was no breakdown, we just blitzed them and he took off running. He does that on film consistently. We knew that's what they were going to come in and do, but that dude is fast. We just got outran."

CB Shaquill Griffin

On defending Jackson:

"He was running all over the place. A guy like that, I feel like he was just playing backyard football. He didn't give us anything that we haven't seen. It was everything that we went over in practice, he just did well with it today. He executed well today. That's everything he did, he didn't give us anything new. He just had a heck of a game, you've got to give it up to him for that one."

On the frustration of Jackson's running:

"It's a tad bit frustrating, but that's something we have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what happened and how to change it. We have to see Kyler Murray again, and there are things that people are going to see and try to game plan on. So, we have to go back to the drawing board and see what we can do differently to change it, fix it. Like I said, he did well today and you can't take that from him."

On if Murray and Jackson are similar kinds of runners:

"In a way. I don't know how to explain how Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson play. They're both fast, but when he [Lamar Jackson] has the ball in his hands he turns into a running back. As you can see, he showed that today.

DT Jarran Reed

On how hard it is to figure out what Jackson is going to do:

"It's very hard. You have to stay sound. You have to stay disciplined. You have to stay in your gap. You have to execute very well each play, each down throughout the whole game because the one time you don't, he's going to split it wide open. And that happened a couple times tonight."

DE Branden Jackson

On Jackson:

"He's special. I don't even know how to explain it. He's a special talent. We knew he had the arm strength. He's a pretty accurate thrower when he gets outside that pocket. Once he turns that corner and puts it on, it's hard to stop him."

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