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Will Joe Flacco Continue His Mannequin Challenge Celebration?


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had the "dab" last year. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had the belt celebration two years ago.

Could the Mannequin Challenge that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco busted out twice in Thursday's big win over the Cleveland Browns turn into his signature move?

"It is my kind of celebration because I don't have to do anything," Flacco said on this week’s episode of “The Lounge” (2:02). "It's not embarrassing. You literally just stand there. It's perfect for me."

So is he actually going to continue it?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem so. Flacco said it was a one-game deal.

"If I could come up with some good ones, then maybe I would do it, but … "

At that point, Flacco got some suggestions.

What about freezing like he was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy?

"That would be sweet, but I wouldn't do it until I knew that was in the bag," Flacco said. "Maybe when we're up three touchdowns this year in the Super Bowl, then I can do that one."

What about freezing at the end of Ray Lewis' famous dance?

"Now that's getting borderline," Flacco said. "I might not be good at the transition into the Mannequin Challenge of the Ray Lewis dance. That's almost me dancing. I don't think I could feel comfortable doing that."

Flacco did get teased by his family after Thursday's celebrations, as he anticipated.

That night, Flacco's sister asked what the heck he was doing. At a wedding two days later, one of his brothers said he wasn't allowed to be a critic (presumably of dance moves) after seeing what Flacco did on the field Thursday.

"They definitely wanted to make fun of me a little bit, not as bad as I thought it was going to be," Flacco said. "It's kind of tough when it's only one person doing it. You don't have a guy with a camera walking through the whole scene."

Any other ideas to get Flacco to do it again?

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