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You Said It! - Week 12


In the third installment of *You Said It! fans chime in on re-signing Ray Lewis, selling tickets to Steelers fans, and more.*


On re-signing Ray Lewis during the off season...

I just wanted to say that if the Ravens don't re-sign Ray Lewis after this season they are crazy!! I think he needs to be a Raven for life. We don't want him to finish his prestigious career in another town. He's our hometown hero. Thanks for listening.

Andrew Geeza *Baltimore, MD*


On selling tickets to Steelers fans…

Let's become the only city where Pittsburgh fans CAN'T get tickets!! If Ravens season ticket holders don't sell them, Pittsburgh fans can't buy them. It's our biggest rivalry of the season. No one who is TRULY a Ravens fan could possibly need the money more than the satisfaction of shutting out the BLACK and GOLD that fills NFL stadiums. Come on Baltimore! Let's keep M&T Stadium PURPLE!!!**


Kate Bonsall *Baltimore, MD*


On the Ravens' loss to the Giants…

WOW!! That was a sound beating by the Giants. It was kind of expected. I was hoping for a win, but the team is doing far better than expected from the beginning of the season. The one thing that was disappointing today was that it looked as though the team gave up in the 4th quarter. When we are down 20 points with 11 minutes to play, it's time to pass, not run the ball. Flacco continues to grow and looks better every week.

Rob Andrews *New Windsor, MD*


On flex-scheduling…

Stop complaining about flex-scheduling. It's the Ravens only chance to have a prime time game at home this season, as is the case most seasons. The Steelers always seem to get to play us at home on the Monday Night stage. I'd love to have that advantage just once.

As a PSL owner, I love night games. Forget being on national television... I just love the football weather. The cold, being under the lights, and of course... THE BLACK JERSEYS!

It gives you plenty more time to tailgate, and watch the early games out in the parking lot with friends and strangers.

Should they change more than one game a season for the same team? No. But I think it's completely fair for the league to change one game, especially for a contest that involves a great match up, playoff implications, or something along those lines.

Grizz Jones *Baltimore, MD*

On the Ravens' pre-season expectations…

Are the Ravens exceeding expectations this season? Personally, I expected more from the team this season than most. The media labeled the Ravens as being in a "rebuilding stage" with a new coach, new offensive coordinator and a rookie QB, who many (me included) thought would come through camp with the starting job.

When the pre-season ended and Flacco was 3rd on the depth chart, I said, "Hmmm, they must see something we obviously don't see. Maybe this is best for Joe." Honestly, the thought of McNair retiring and leaving Boller with the starting job kind of gave me that migraine I get when the Ravens lose. However, the one thing I was optimistic about was Cam Cameron being the offensive coordinator. He really made the sun rise a bit brighter in the morning. I don't think the Ravens could have gotten a more brilliant offensive mind. I saw close-up what Cameron did with the Chargers offense (I live in San Diego). This was before they touted all the weapons that San Diego has now.

It's no surprise to me that many tell me the Ravens aren't ready to take the next step because....oh let me call up one reason...Ray Lewis is too old, or....the corners are aging and they can't stay healthy. All of those issues have been addressed, thank God, in the off season (very few in the general NFL fan population know this) and all of those convenient reasons can be rebuffed. Are the Ravens exceeding expectations this season? Not mine.

William Jones *Annapolis, MD*


On the Ravens' long-term goals…

I have been a Baltimore football fan for more than fifty years. I understand the euphoria that everyone is feeling; I am as well. If the team had "shut-down" cornerbacks like they did in 2000, they could possibly win it all, but I am afraid we all should prepare ourselves to go 3 wins and 4 losses over the balance of the season and still be very happy with the team. That may still get us to the playoffs, but I don't think getting to the playoffs is the most important issue for this team. They just need to keep improving and we will win a Super Bowl in a year or two.**


Bob Bounds *Murrells Inlet, SC* 




*The opinions expressed here are exclusive to the individuals and do not represent the views of the Baltimore Ravens organization. *

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