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You Said It! - Week 14


In the fifth installment of You Said It! *fans *offer opinions about Art Modell getting into the Hall of Fame, avoiding the Colts in the playoffs and more.


On Art Modell getting into the Hall of Fame...

**Art Modell** needs to be in the Hall of Fame Class of 2009. It is wrong that the voter from Cleveland (I won't even mention his name) monopolizes that spot just because he's a little sore about Modell moving the team to Baltimore. He was displeased with Cleveland Municipal Stadium and the city took their time getting started to repair that stadium. Do the media get on Bob Irsay for taking the Colts out of Baltimore?…NO! Heaven forbid we speak ill of the Colts!

It's just not fair that Irsay gets a pass for not only relocating his team, but taking a history that was built in Baltimore and moving it to Indy. Cleveland still has the Browns; while we have to watch our Colts play in Indy. We love our Ravens here in Baltimore, but seeing that blue and white is a slap in the face to old Colts fans everywhere in Baltimore.

Art Modell should not be blamed for making a business decision. Obviously it was smart, as we won a Super Bowl Championship with the Ravens.


Steve McNelly *Pasadena, MD*


On Le'Ron McClain getting more carries…


I was very glad to see **Le’Ron McClain**!View his Pro Bowl Bound? Page as the featured back this week. Every time he's given a chance, he does well. I just don't think McGahee is 100%, and if he is then his 100% is not as good as McClain's 100%. For the rest of the year, I'd like to see a one-two punch of McClain and Rice.

Chuck ReiglePasadena, CA


On Todd Heap's roles as a run and pass blocker…

What I'd like to get off my chest are the many novice Baltimore fans who are jumping on the "**Todd Heap** hasn't produced at all this year, he's this...he's him..." bandwagon. Todd has worked extremely diligently with our young offensive line and has been assigned to block some elite pass rushers so far this year, all of which has helped keep **Flacco** vertical instead of on his back or making bad decisions, which would have brought the same old tired Groundhog Day scenario of another **Kyle Boller** era in Baltimore. Let's not forget he also made several key blocks in the Houston win that sprung rookie [Ray Riceinternal-link-placeholder-3] for a couple long, game changing runs. We need to stick with Todd as his contribution in the pass and run blocking is a big reason why the "Flacco" hype is 100% legitimate. HHHEEEEAAAPPPPPPP.

Josh Smith *Bel Air, MD*


On the Ravens finally getting respect in the national media last weekend...

There was a comment in here a few days ago about the Ravens not getting any respect from ESPN, and I was so happy to see that someone empathized with my thoughts. I thought that maybe I was just being too defensive of the Ravens. However, Monday was a new day!!!! Merrill Hodge actually said the Ravens have the most explosive offense in the league right now, and Mike Ditka said that the Ravens "are not a team you wanna play in the playoffs!!!!" Maybe ESPN heard about the post on You Said It, and hopefully they (ESPN) finally woke up!!!! I also want to say that I love that Coach Harbaugh said at the beginning of the season that the Ravens "will be a dynasty."

Wayne Franklin
North East, MD

On avoiding the Colts in the playoffs…

Okay, so who is the ONE team that you would NOT want the Ravens to have to play? It's pretty simple... The Colts, right?

So, is winning the division really in our best interest? Yes, it makes us look good. But making it through the playoffs makes us look a lot better.

It's not set in stone YET, but it looks like the Colts will have to settle for the first wild card slot.

So my suggestion is that it's better for the Ravens to let the Steelers have the division and take the last wild card spot. This way they would only have to play the Colts if Indy gets to the AFC Championship.

Super Bowl > Division

Grizz Jones *Severn, MD*


On RB Willis McGahee getting more carries...


I believe that even if John Harbaugh were to focus more on Le'Ron McClain in the Cincinnati game, he still should've used **Willis McGahee** as a number two option. I just don't believe in putting a rookie in the game when you have a Pro Bowl player sitting on the bench just trying to stay warm. I think that the smart thing to do would have been to put McGahee into the game against the NFL's 8th- worst rush defense. McGahee would have given us all a Thanksgiving weekend treat and carved up the Bengals like a turkey. Don't get me wrong, **John Harbaugh** is still (in my opinion) the best rookie head coach, but I just don't think that sitting Willis was a good idea. But hey, I'm only 15. What do I know?

Michael Bell
Salisbury, MD


On The Byrne Identity...

**Kevin (Byrne)**! Keep up your article. It's the best we have. The local papers have an agenda and its great to have an inside source to get real info about our team and hear real info about what is going on. Thanks!

Stephen SutkaytisTaneytown, MD


On the Ravens' schedule being "soft"…

Over the last few weeks, especially since the Ravens have won the last 6 out of 7 games they've played, I've heard some complaints from other fans that the Ravens haven't beaten a team of any relevance and even inferring that our schedule is "soft." To this I want to say, a) Hello! We didn't create our schedule and b) any team that you compete with in the NFL is a challenge. These are professionals, whether they are 11-1 or 1-11. Any team has the ability to beat any other team on any given Sunday, as has been made evident with Cleveland's win over the Giants. There are upsets all the time in this league and I think it's about time that the Ravens get the respect they deserve.

Rob Andrews *New Windsor, MD*


*The opinions expressed here are exclusive to the individuals and do not represent the views of the Baltimore Ravens organization. *

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