Sam Rosengarten

Football Performance Coordinator

Experience: 7 years


SAM ROSENGARTEN is in his seventh NFL season – all with the Ravens. As football performance coordinator, Rosengarten leads the performance sciences and player monitoring strategies. Using technology to identify, track and monitor physiological and biomechanical components, he aims to ensure each athlete remains in peak physical condition throughout the year, while highlighting any potential weaknesses that could lead to injury. He works closely with the coaching, strength & conditioning and medical staffs and the director of sports nutrition to help accomplish these goals. In 2020, Rosengarten was invited to present his concepts on athlete management and injury prevention to the NFL Physician Society at the annual NFL Scouting Combine. Prior to his Baltimore arrival, Rosengarten led the NHL's Buffalo Sabres' injury-prevention program for two seasons. He is a board-certified physical therapist, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and sports physiotherapist in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Sam has spent over 15 years working with athletes in professional sports team environments around the world. He has built a reputation for utilizing cutting edge technology to optimize athletic performance and lowering injury risk. He has published research in some of the world's leading sports medicine and sports science journals, such as the British Journal of Sports Medicine and the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, and has also presented at multiple major international conferences, including the International Olympic Committee's world conference on the Prevention of Illness and Injury in Sport.

Between late-2005 and mid-2015, Rosengarten co-founded four Sports Medicine clinics in Melbourne, Australia, employing over 50 surgical, medical and allied health staff. He is a director in a Sports Medicine Clinic, Sportsmed Biologic, which focuses on emerging technologies in the medical biological space and also holds an Honorary Research Fellowship at The University of Melbourne.

Sam, his wife, Nina, and daughter, Mia, have been in the U.S. since 2015.