Baltimore Ravens Leadership Institute

Baltimore Ravens Leadership Institute

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Baltimore Ravens Leadership Institute

T. Rowe Price and the Baltimore Ravens are teaming up to present the Baltimore Ravens Leadership Institute (BRLI) to Baltimore-area high school students.

The goal of the BRLI is to boost academic performance and facilitate new leadership opportunities for students throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

The BRLI will meet four times throughout the school year, with a kick-off event in September (2019) and a culminating celebration event in the spring of 2020.

As a key strategic partner, T. Rowe Price will help initiate and activate the institute and programming, which will focus on developing leadership qualities in students through meaningful engagement with community, civic and business experts.

In conjunction with ADDO, an organization that focuses on developing programs, products and experiences for students, the Baltimore Ravens and T. Rowe Price will encourage and empower students to become collaborative leaders and productive members of their communities.