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Byrne Identity: Q&A With Ravens Legend Matt Stover


Matt Stover, One Of 10 Best Ravens Ever

In a vote by Ravens season ticket holders, Matt Stover was selected as one of the 10 best players in the team's history. To celebrate the team's 20th season, each of the 10 is appearing on the tickets and gameday program cover for our 10 games at M&T Bank Stadium in 2015. Each of these standouts will also answer 20 questions for this blog.

Stover, an original Raven in 1996, is the team's all-time leading scorer with 1,464 points. (He is sixth in NFL history with 2,004 points.) Matt played 20 NFL years, his first in 1990 with the Giants after he was selected in the 12th round out of Louisiana Tech. In 1991, he joined the Browns and moved with the franchise to Baltimore following the 1995 season. His final year with the Ravens was in 2008, John Harbaugh's first with the franchise. Stover finished his career with the Colts, playing in Super Bowl XLIV following the 2009 season. (Stover is the oldest player [43] to ever play in a Super Bowl.)

Stover holds two NFL records: most consecutive points after touchdowns with 469 and 38 straight games with a field goal made.

Let's hear from Matt:

Do You Have A Hidden Talent?

(Chuckling) "I used to tap dance as a kid. My career ended in 1976 when I fell on the stage. Wood floors were a little slippery, and boom, I was down. I was a better kicker than dancer."

What Makes You Smile?

"My family – Debbie and our kids. We love family time."

What Irritates You?

"What really irritates me is if I forget something. More than anything, that gets to me."

Your Most Memorable Teammate?

"Tony Siragusa for sure. He was the guy we needed in the locker room to keep it fun. … Did he terrorize me? Yes, I'm a kicker, of course he did. I'm not considered a football player in his mind. But, I'll tell you, he's a tender guy – a really sweet-hearted guy. He understood my role, but in the locker room, all is fair."

Favorite Teammate?

"Peter Boulware. In between the lines, oh my goodness, he had incredible passion. Outside the lines, he's a wonderful, gentle guy."

Most Embarrassing Football Moment?

"There was a good one at old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. We did not have the newest football kicking nets around. The net kind of hung forward a little bit, and my cleat got stuck in it, and I kicked through. I fell back because I couldn't get my cleat out, and the net fell on top of me after that. All those fans on the sideline hollered at me. Boy, I'll tell you, I was crushed."

Do You Talk To Yourself?

(Laughing) "All you have to do is ask some of my teammates. I used to holler at myself. I had to shake the demons out of my brain prior to kicking a field goal. They would look at me – they had no idea what was going on inside my head."

Your Hero?

"My father, of course. A sports figure, it would be Roger Staubach, who confronted Joe Namath about loving one woman. It was a hard thing to do. I respected him for that and the way he carried himself."

Favorite TV Show?

"I still like 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' Our family loves that show."

Favorite Halloween Costume?

"As a kid, I had a tiger suit, a big ole' tiger suit. When I took my family to [the Gridiron Halloween charity event for Goodwill] a few years ago, we were the 'Incredibles.' We looked good."

Favorite Superhero?

"You know, I've thought about that. The new Ant Man really caught my attention. I'm the little 'Ant Man' out there – the kicker, and I carried a powerful punch, man."

Most Memorable Ravens Game?

"The [2000] AFC Championship Game at Oakland. It was the culmination of the reality of what we had gone through to get to that point and actually win and get to go to the Super Bowl. Wow, it was all worth it. The joy that was experienced at that moment – Rob Burnett and myself and some of the guys that kept it together that season – it was pure joy. Of course, the Super Bowl was great, too."

2000 Ravens Offense?

(Laughing) "Great running game."

(Note: During the 2000 Super Bowl-winning season, the Ravens went five consecutive games without scoring a touchdown – FIVE STRAIGHT! Our only points during that stretch came from Stover field goals, and we won two of those games.)

Brian Billick?

"Corporate motivator."

John Harbaugh?

"Humbly passionate."

Bill Parcells?

"Great leader."


"Our home. It has supported my family." 

Matt Stover Is Precise?

(Smiling) "Yes, but moldable. Precision, for an artist, you have to be able to mold your thoughts and yourself to get better. From kicking and all the precision that went into that, to how being precise in how I conduct myself and what that means to my family, I understand everything has a consequence."

Where Will Matt Stover Be In Five Years? 10 Years?

"We have a 12-year-old at home. Our older two – one is a junior in college, and one is going into his freshman year. After their careers in college, I see us supporting them in their next endeavor. And supporting our youngest in his sports, I'm sure. We could even have a married daughter. In 10 years, Debbie and I could be empty nesters. We'll probably downsize. We will stay connected to the community."

The Stovers have always been deeply involved in bettering the Baltimore area. Matt, already in the Ravens Ring of Honor, will be our "Legend of the Game" tomorrow night at M&T Bank Stadium. He'll receive a great ovation, one he richly deserves.

Talk with you next week,


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