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Eric Weddle Plans to Treat His Teammates With $1 Million Bonus


Eric Weddle is about to have some money to burn.

The veteran safety has a $1 million bonus coming his way as part of an incentive in his contract that rewards him for making the Pro Bowl and the Ravens making the postseason.

The Ravens punched their playoff ticket Sunday evening and Weddle said he plans to spend the money on the people surrounding him.

"I've been thinking about it all week since [the media] brought it up, that if it did happen I'm going to do something nice for all my teammates and the coaches because I'm nothing without my team," Weddle said after Baltimore's 26-24 victory over the Cleveland Browns to clinch the AFC North title.

Weddle didn't say exactly what he had in mind, but told reporters he has something nice in the works. And it's probably a little more expensive than ice cream.

This is actually the second year in a row that Weddle had $1 million riding on Baltimore's final game. He had the same playoff and Pro Bowl incentive in his contract last season, but the Ravens lost in Week 17 to the Cincinnati Bengals.

They got it done this year, and he wants his teammates to be part of the reward.

"As much as it's for me and my play, my defense helped me get to where I'm at," Weddle said. "It takes everybody. I'm excited about that."

Weddle, 33, has made the Pro Bowl in each of his three seasons in Baltimore. The 12-year veteran is the leader of the secondary and is a big reason why the Ravens have the top-ranked defense in the league.

Before the defense's final drive, he pulled the unit together and challenged them to come up with the game-winning stop. Linebacker C.J. Mosley did just that when he picked off quarterback Baker Mayfield for the defense's third takeaway of the game.

Weddle can now enjoy his typical bowl of post-game victory ice cream, and he can even splurge on a little something extra with the check he has coming.

"It's obviously awesome because we won. We're in the playoffs," Weddle said. "I'm excited for this team to experience the playoffs. I'm back in, baby!"

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