Former Ravens Equipment Manager Ed Carroll Recognized in Hall of Fame


Another former Raven will be featured in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but this time it's not a player.

Former Ravens Equipment Manager Ed Carroll is one of 20 honorees of a new Award of Excellence, which is a new program the Pro Football Hall of Fame has launched to recognize significant contributors to the game.

Carroll is one of five equipment managers being recognized. He was one of the original Ravens who came from Cleveland to Baltimore in 1996 and worked for the Ravens until retiring in 2012.

After graduating high school in 1964, the Cleveland native joined the Air Force working as an air traffic controller. After being discharged, Carroll worked as a representative for Olympic Sporting Goods from 1969 to 1982.

He joined the NFL in 1983 as an assistant equipment manager for the Browns, but then went to Riddell for several years before returning to the Browns as the head equipment manager from 1990-95. When the team moved to Baltimore, Carroll followed and became a beloved piece of the Ravens.

Carroll thrived for a lot of reasons, with his organization and preparedness to handle all the unforeseen equipment issues at or near the top. But it was his easy-going nature and dry sense of humor that made him a legend at the Under Armour Performance Center.

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