Friday Practice Transcript - 10/28


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement:"Good to see everybody. We had a good practice. There you go."

Ed Reed got a day of rest. Is he getting better? Do you expect him to play when the time comes? (Aaron Wilson)
"Yeah, he'll be able to play."

Has Tom Zbikowski been cleared for contact at this point? (Dan Kolko)

Did you happen to see Todd Heap's advertisement in The Sun paper? He took time to thank the city of Baltimore and the Ravens organization. He took a full-page ad. Do you have any sort of reaction to Todd and his character? (Rich Sayers)
"Well yeah, as we've said many times, we appreciate everything Todd did here over a long period of time. Obviously, the three years that I had a chance to be associated with him, I couldn't have been more impressed. The whole 10 years [he was] here were great for the city and great for the Ravens. He's always appreciated."

How big is it to get back to M&T Bank Stadium and in front of all those fans after Monday night and that crowd? (Ryan Mink)
"Well, it's always great to be at home. The thing about this league, and especially the top places to play – which our place is one of them – it makes a difference. Obviously, that's going to be big for us. I'm sure the crowd will be riled up and ready to go. That's what they do. I think we've got the best crowd in football, I really do. I really enjoy being a part of that whole atmosphere with our crowd, with our fans."

Even though you like the guys to work hard and work fast and work smart every day, does Friday have a more relaxed hint to it? Any Friday, not just this Friday. (Joe Platania)
"No, I think it's always focused. Our guys are always pretty loose. We try to be loose, and we try to be focused. That's something we talk about all the time. That's a good combination for performance, and our guys walk that line pretty well."

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