Friday Practice Transcript - 12/30


How big of a boost is it to get Marshal Yanda back in practice, as well as Bernard Pollard? (Aaron Wilson) "Well, I have no new announcements to make on any injury situation. I would say the guys are progressing. You know, obviously, we had some guys get out there and do a little bit of work. Anquan [Boldin] was out there earlier. Marshal got out early and did some things. So, we'll just have to see how that progresses. I mean these guys had some pretty serious things, though, so we'll just have to see."

Is Cary Williams one of the guys that is making some progress? (Aaron Wilson) "Cary has actually done really well. Cary has been limited in participation, but he looks pretty good right now. He has not been cleared as of yet, though, and it is a concussion."

I know you said you expect Anquan Boldin not to be back until the playoffs, but was it encouraging, as you mentioned, to see him out here today? (Ed Lee) "Sure, absolutely, very encouraging. Those guys rehab hard. Anquan is a very tough guy. Marshal [Yanda] is a very tough guy. Cary [Williams] is very tough. Those guys are tough people. They want to do everything they can to play, and they are all doing everything they can to play as soon as they can."

Do you expect a decision on kicking to be more likely on Saturday? (Aaron Wilson) "Yeah, I think so. It's an injury situation, so you always want to see how things respond. Billy [Cundiff] did some kicking this week. We'll just have to see where we are come Sunday pregame."

Geno Atkins had a pretty good game last time. How important is it to get a body on him in the interior? (Jason Butt) "It's important. You've got to block him. You've got to block him really well. He can defeat, pretty much, any block. He's playing at a very high level. He's a second-year guy who is really emerging as one of the better tackles in the league."

Last Saturday, the Bengals did not show the Jets' score on their scoreboard. Then head coach Marvin Lewis declined to say whether they would do the same thing this Sunday, with regards to any out of town scores. Do you have a preference? (Ed Lee) "No, I couldn't care less. I don't care if they do."

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