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Here we are. Day five.

I am not going to lie, but I am emotionally and physically drained. From chatting with the other girls, it's apparent to me that we all are exhausted in some shape or form. My roommate, Lindi wasn't feeling well today and, in fact, gave me a good scare when she opened the bathroom door to tell me she felt sick and dizzy. Sometimes the girls will lean on me with medical questions since I am a nurse. They expect me to have all the answers. It was obvious in Lindi's case that she was probably dehydrated and exhausted.

Today, after our Silhouette shoots for RAVE-TV, the afternoon was designated as free time. Deciding it best to forego lying out in the sun or sitting by the pool, Lindi slept and watched movies in the room. I am extremely happy that during the trip free time has been given to us. With all that we needed to accomplish down here, I didn't expect there to be much time to relax and unwind. Between scheduled photo and media responsibilities, activities, meetings and my morning run, I still needed that window of free time.

I left Baltimore at a very chaotic time. I just recently started a new job. I promised myself that I would make time on this trip no matter what to knock out some studying so I would not fall behind once we made it back home. I must say, I am very proud of myself. Whether it has been studying material on the plane, staying up a little later at night in my room or finding a shady palm tree to sit under, I have made it work. All the other girls have been great about it. I definitely have been distracted and often tempted to put the book down and hit the beach with the girls, but I have stuck to my plan.

Two days left in paradise. Tomorrow should be fun. We are all taking a bus over to a boat that will then transport us to a private island. There really aren't any big plans for tomorrow…well, for most people. Angel and I will be doing our final shoots during tomorrow's excursion. Since the coaches and photographers have not been to this island, we are not sure how the shoot will turn out. The plan is for us to bring all the swimsuits we have yet to use and that we would figure out what would work best, based on the surroundings. There's no doubt the scenery there will be absolutely gorgeous. We can only hope that the weather will be good.

My studying materials, I hate to say, will not be traveling to the private island with me, although I am sure it would make for a humorous photo shoot if I did bring them. I think I have absorbed all the information that I can at this point and I'm going to go tomorrow and just enjoy myself for the rest of the day after we wrap up shooting.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. We all have been working really hard and I think the trip to an off-site location will be a great finish to an unforgettable trip. Although we love being here, it seems that now that nearly all of our work is done, most of the girls are about ready to head home to Baltimore.

See you soon at home. Go Ravens!

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