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I guess when you win ugly, you're bound to lose ugly at some point. There wasn't too much to love about the game against the Flagland Raidflags. The offense, in particular, has been confusing to me. We can move the ball all over the field, but it seems like we're banned from entering the endzone unless it's *practically impossible *for us to win. To help sort through this phenomenon, I've created a very professional and super scientific flow chart for gameday:


There's a lot to nitpick about the game, like the flags, the lack of pressure on the quarterback, and the flags, but there are also some positives to look forward to this week:

 - We should be getting our starting LT and LG back. That's good!

 - Kenneth Dixon seems like he could play too. Woah, keep the good news rolling!

 - That's it. Do you mean "and we're still a talented 3-1 team, and just need time to jell?" YES, sorry, that's the third one. 

What's that, you say? Fewer words and more GIFs? Sure, OK! !

( / Step Brothers) !

(NBC / Seinfeld) !

(FOX / Last Man On Earth)

(Marvel / Ironman 3)

This week, the Ravens held their Team Photo Day, which means the players had a chance to goof around on camera. It also means they were unknowingly posing for the weird memes I make every Thursday.

Please enjoy whatever this is: !

(ABC / Spider-Man) ! !

(Mercury Records / Diamond and the Psychotic Neurotics) !

See you next week! - Ben

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