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GOATs Send Lamar Jackson Congratulations

Lamar Jackson was awarded his second NFL MVP Thursday night at the 2023 NFL Honors.

It's Jackson's second MVP in just six seasons in the league, and puts him up there with the greatest of the greats. Only 11 players in NFL history have won multiple MVPs.

Here's what some of the other GOATs, not only in football, had to say to Jackson:

Peyton Manning (5x MVP): "Congratulations on your second NFL Most Valuable Player award. I have so much respect for you, for how you play the game, how you always trust in yourself and your abilities no matter what the doubters might throw your way. You're an inspiration to so many and it's such a joy to root for you."

LeBron James (4x MVP): "Congratulations Lamar, dog, on your second MVP. And the best thing about it to me is that you continue to do it your way. You know, against all the naysayers, against all the doubters, against everybody that continues to say that 'you're not this' and 'you're not that.' The best thing about it is that you have continued to be true to you. … Keep on, keep on defying the odds and continue to rise above everything. Congratulations M-V-P Lamar 'Him' Jackson."

Tom Brady (3x MVP): "You're the reason why people watch the NFL, because guys like you. And you've just had an amazing career."

Ray Lewis: "Man, Congratulations! I'm telling you, from what we talked about the first day you arrived in Baltimore: the sky's the limit. You are the standard of Baltimore, brother. I love you, congratulations."

Larry Fitzgerald: "You are absolutely phenomenal. You did it with your arm, you did it with your legs, you did it with your leadership. And you proved again you are the very best in the world."

Carmelo Anthony: "The amount of attention that you put into details and the amount of focus that you put into just doing what you do best and in your craft has been unwavering for me. And as a Baltimorean, I just wanted to say we salute you for holding our city down and giving us hope."

Lil Wayne: "To Number Eight, one of the greatest of the greats. God did His thing when He made you, man, for real, for real, for real, for real. Congratulations man, flower garden. [Counts on fingers] L-A-M-A-R, M-V-P. Number eight, greatest of the greats. I'm just here to congratulate."

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