Harbaugh Explains Not Listing Ed Reed On Injury Report


Safety Ed Reed made headlines last week when he revealed that he's playing through a slightly torn labrum in his shoulder.

Reed's announcement prompted an NFL investigation, as the Ravens have not listed him on the injury report since Week 2 when he was dealing with a thigh issue. The league has asked for Ravens' practice tape to determine if Reed has recently missed any practice time and still went unlisted on the injury report, which would be against league rules.

"I have no problem with that," Head Coach Harbaugh said about the investigation. "What they'll find with Ed is he's practiced 100 percent of the time. He's played in all the games. He hasn't missed any game time because of the injury. Our understanding of the rule has been that if they don't miss any time at all according to the injury, then they don't have to be on the injury report."

If the Ravens broke rules regarding the injury report, then they could be subject to a fine. The NFL fined the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins $20,000 each for their mishandling of reporting injuries.

Harbaugh was confident that the Ravens followed the rules and noted that General Manager Ozzie Newsome, Senior Vice President of Public Relations Kevin Byrne and former Head Trainer Bill Tessendorf were involved in writing those rules.

"I'm very confident that we understand that rule here as well as anybody in the league," Harbaugh said.

The Ravens take the approach of limiting the number of players they list on the report each week, only including players who have missed game or practice time because of their injuries. Last week, the Ravens had five players listed.

Some teams, however, choose to list players who didn't miss any practice time. The Texans had 15 players listed last week and the Patriots listed 13 players when the Ravens played them in Week 3.

"We've kept the injury report very tight," Harbaugh said. "We've kept it to the guys who have to be on the injury report. It's not that we're trying to hide any injuries, but we could do what some other teams do a put a bunch of them on there. I'm just as happy to do that. We could put all the guys on the injury report. If they'd rather us do that, we'll do that.

"Whatever they tell us to do, we'll do. We're trying to follow the rules."

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