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Hollywood Brown Steers Ravens to 'Madden 20' Super Bowl Title

WR Marquise Brown Graphic
WR Marquise Brown Graphic

The Ravens are 2020 Super Bowl champions – in Madden that is.

Marquise "Hollywood" Brown and the Ravens defeated fellow wide receiver Chris Godwin and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 64-42, in The Checkdown's "NFL Madden 20" championship Wednesday night.

The Checkdown had been simulating the 2020 season using the franchise mode, but couldn't sim the Super Bowl so it brought in two players to hit the sticks. Hollywood is pretty much a ringer at this point. It's his second Madden title this offseason, as he also took down Snoop Dogg to win ESPN's Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament a couple months ago.

Here's how Hollywood's latest championship win went down, including a dramatic ending:

Godwin got on the board first with Tom Brady as his QB:

But Justice Hill tied the score by tiptoeing the sideline on a touchdown run:

You know Hollywood means business when he puts himself in the Wildcat formation:

Godwin had enough of seeing the man on the cover, Lamar Jackson, run all over him:

Yeah, about that …

Godwin hung in there though, and tied it up in the fourth quarter:

Hollywood didn't mess around and answered with a touchdown to Mark Andrews:

But Godwin came back and had a chance to tie it with about two minutes left. Then he tried to turn Brady into Jackson with a John Elway-like goal-line “helicopter” scramble and, well, it didn't work out well.

Matthew Judon put a crushing hit on Brady at the goal line, causing a fumble that was returned for a long game-sealing touchdown by Chuck Clark.

Game. Over.

Now can the real season play out like this?

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