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Inside Answers: Fabian Washington


For the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to * *cornerback Fabian Washington.

[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

Tom Russell, Baltimore: Do you devote as much time to film study as Ray and Ed do? If so, what have you learned from them that you can use to make you a better corner then you are today?

Washington:"I spend a lot of time watching film. Countless hours. And a lot of those hours are with Ed. From them, I learned to pick up certain tendencies of players, maybe the way a receiver will give up a route. Little tips that can help you out on Sunday."

Garret Selko, Denver, CO: Hello Mr. Washington. I am a big Ravens/Huskers fan!!!! I was wondering if you get out there before or after the game to talk to other Huskers like Mr. Buckhalter and, if so, what would you talk about? Thanks for your time!

Washington:"Oh yeah, I pretty much talk to anyone I know, and that includes former Cornhuskers. I talk to them before the game and get it in during the game. I'm not a big trash-talker to those guys during the game, though. I was in college, but now I just go out there and do my job. Just roll with the punches.

Patrick Bruce, Glen Burnie, Md.:Fabian, do you follow Nebraska football still and what do you think of the Huskers this year? Seems like they're turning it around slowly but surely.

Washington:"Yes I do. Great defense. I love the direction of the defense and I'm happy they're back playing well. They've just got to get the offense clicking on all cylinders. Some games, they show up. Others, they definitely don't. That's to be expected with a first-year quarterback, though."

Ricardo Martinez, Baltimore: Hey, Fab. I know its been a rough start to the season. I watch, live and die with you guys no matter what. But I have to know why do you guys play so so far off the ball? Why don't you guys play closer to the line and the receivers? This DB core is probably the fastest in the league so you guys should have the catch up speed to stay with your guy. So why so far off the ball? Thanks, Lets get'em Fab!

Washington:"First of all, you need to know the situation. That's down and distance. If it's third-and-long, I'm going to play off 90 percent of the time. Then, you have to know the receiver. If he can't get off press, then I'm going to give him a big dose of press. If he's good at getting off press, I may play off and give him a little bit of press. It's all about who you're going against and the situation of the game."

Jesse Myers, B-More: What did you do differently when coming to Baltimore then you did in Oakland. And what is different about the Ravens then other teams?

Washington:"I get the Oakland/Baltimore question a lot. I'm a Raven now. But to answer, I'll just say that we all fly to the ball here and we get after it every play. That's not to take anything away from anyone else."

Brad Schisler, Westminster, Md.: In today's NFL of big power receivers, what is the most important technique a undersized corner must possess to be successful against the league's best?

Washington:"You need to know when to jump with those big guys. I know that for me, being 5-11 and playing against guys that are 6-4, you're giving up six inches right there. So, sometimes you just can't go for the ball. Sometimes you have to actually go for their arms so they can't come down with the ball. An incomplete pass is a win, no matter how we get it."

Frank Wright, York, Penn.:How can you guys in the secondary rebound from the rough game in Minny?

Washington:"The game is going to be played fast, but at the same time, we can study a lot of film. That's one way to slow the game down. When there's a play to be made, don't be afraid to be great. Make a play. It's still football."

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