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Inside Answers: Mark Clayton


For the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game.

Here's receiver Mark Clayton with his answers to your questions.

[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

Anna Casassa, Anchorage, Alaska.: Number one fan from Alaska here! You keep a level head through good games and bad, ones with lots of action as well as those with few passes. Where does your steady perseverance come from? How do you fuel yourself for the game? Keep it up 89. We love you out here :)

Clayton:"I get up for the challenge every week. Especially that game because of what it represented and because it was Pittsburgh. We know what that means. During the game, I think we're all in shape to make it through a game. It's three hours on the field, but each play is a six-second burst. It's not hard to keep our motor running."

Jessica Zarsona, Baltimore: How do you feel now that you are being utilized to your potential finally this year? I was the fan that waited after the game (Colts game) for your autograph. I was wearing your jersey, and again you are great and so nice. That's one of the reasons I'm one of your biggest fans!!!

Clayton:"I think we're using all our weapons well. That's when we're at our best, when everybody gets involved. We have a lot of guys that can make plays. When we're spreading it around, it's tough to stop us."

Shawn Elmer, Townsend: Hey. Ever since you dropped what could of been the game-winning pass against the Patriots, how has that affected your game and when in pressure situations?

Clayton:"I don't even think about it. You have to put those plays behind you, learn from them and move on. I've moved on."

Ralph Taylor, Edgewood, Md.: What was the atmosphere like when you walked out on the field to play [the Steelers]. Was it any different knowing Big Ben and Troy would not be in the game, or was it business as usual????

Clayton:"We knew that they wouldn't be there, and yeah, it changes things for any team when your offensive and your defensive leaders aren't going to be on the field. For us, we just had to stick to our game plan regardless and win the game. Those guys make a difference, but we had to do our thing."

Brad Fischer, Burtonsville, Md.: Hi Mark. Great game [Sunday]! It looked like the stadium was pretty loud [Sunday]. What is the toughest stadium for an opposing team to play in

Clayton:"In college, Texas A&M is the loudest by far. We couldn't hear the play call, and the quarterback had to come to each of us individually and call the play in our ear hole. It's built so the noise just comes down on you. Pro, I'd say Pittsburgh. It is always loud, and with the rivalry, those fans always get up for that game."

Nickie Kerns, Baltimore: I saw how many of our Ravens players went out into the community to give back for Thanksgiving and I know a lot of our player go above and beyond when it comes to giving in the community. Is doing charity work something the organization pushes or is it just the type of players we have on the team? Way to beat them Steelers by the way!!!!!

Clayton:"It's our choice to get out there, but the organization gives us opportunities. Speaking for myself, I didn't have a stable household growing up. That's for a lot of guys. Even though I'm in this position, my heart is where I came from. A helping hand would mean so much, and that's why I give back the way I do. The guys in the locker room are more than willing to do the same."

Robby Koogle, Baltimore: Hi Mark Clayton! Great game against the Squealers, do you have any routine warmups or traditions that you do pregame?

Clayton:"Well, I pray before the game. But as far as one the field stuff goes, you'll always see me, [Derrick] Mason and Joe [Flacco] out there pre-game going through the route tree. That's important to get a feel before the game. I'd say those are the two consistent."

Justin Gupta, Baltimore: Awesome night against the Steelers! I know you love Madden, I was wondering if it is better on Xbox or PS3?

Clayton:"Actually, I haven't been playing Madden a lot lately, but I will say that it's better on the Xbox 360. When they make the game out in California, they make it for Xbox first, so that might tell you something. I don't really have a specific team, though. I'll play anyone."

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