Joe Flacco Cries During Movies


Joe Flacco keeps the tissues nearby when he flips on a sappy movie.

The Ravens quarterback is known to shed a tear or two when he's watching a sad movie or even a romantic comedy.

"I'm a crier during movies," Flacco told Dan Patrick during an interview Monday. "I'm not afraid to admit it."

Flacco joked that it doesn't take much with him to get the waterworks flowing. Even old animated movies from his childhood can make the room feel a little dusty.

"Shoot, you could put Lion King on and when Mufasa dies I'd probably cry," he said.

Flacco had no trouble admitting to his soft side during the interview with Patrick, as he's already faced the heat from his teammates in the locker room.

"It's really funny that you bring this up because last year in our locker room, one of the topics someone brought up and we were asking everybody, 'Do you cry during movies? Have you ever cried during movies?'" Flacco said. "We were going around the locker room and asking everybody their opinion, or have they ever, or has their wife/girlfriend ever seen them?

"I'm a definite yes."

Flacco even fessed up to watching chick flicks in his down time. It's not necessarily rare for his wife Dana to come home and catch Flacco on the couch watching a movie like *The Notebook. *

"If I'm in the house by myself and a movie comes on and I watch like the first 10 minutes of it, I'm usually hooked," he said. "If it happens to be a chick flick of some sort, yeah, I'm cool watching it by myself."

Flacco keeps his soft side off the field on gameday, and he has a reputation for not showing much emotion on the field.

He has no plans to change that demeanor, but doesn't want the Steelers to put the Lion King up on the video boards Saturday night.

"I hope they don't do that," he said with a laugh. "I probably wouldn't be paying attention at that point. I probably have too many other things to worry about."

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