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John Harbaugh Featured In New Commercials


Get ready to see more of John Harbaugh on your TV screens this fall.

The Ravens head coach is featured in a pair of new commercials that have recently hit the airwaves.

"Coming to a theater near you," Harbaugh said Monday with a smile.

Harbaugh is part of a new local commercial highlighting the Ravens' partnership with M&T Bank. Harbaugh is featured along with Ravens President Dick Cass and M&T Bank President of the Great Baltimore Region Augie Chiasera.

"That's part of the responsibilities here because of our affiliation with M&T, and I was happy to do it because they're great people," Harbaugh said about the spot, which you can watch below. (Mobile users: Tap the "View in browser" button at the top of the page to watch).

His other commercial appearances are part of the NFL Network's campaign to promote their Sunday morning show "NFL Gameday."Harbaugh has a small role in the 30-second commercial, which shows him in a press conference where it looks like he's smiling at a reporter's question.

The 30-second NFL Network ad isn't a speaking role, but the full 60-second version features him interacting with Hall of Famer quarterback and current analyst Kurt Warner.

"I'm kind of the star of it," he joked.


This isn't Harbaugh's first time in a commercial. He and his wife Ingrid were featured in an ad for the league's women's apparel line in 2011, and his voice was also used as part of a 2013 women's apparel spot. 

The Harbaugh family is a popular choice for sponsors and league promotions. Jim Harbaugh has been used in spots for Pepsi, VISA and of course, Dockers. John assessed his brother's acting skills this week.

"The Dockers spot, he didn't do anything. [Jim's wife] Sarah was the star of that. The VISA spot was really good – the one with the kids," Harbaugh said. "The Pepsi one I didn't like that at all. He's looking at a blank board drinking a Pepsi."

Harbaugh also suggested putting up a poll to determine the top Harbaugh commercial.

Vote in the poll to the right and let us know what you think.

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