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John Harbaugh Pranks Family On Conference Call


John Harbaugh showed Thursday that he can still get the best of his parents.

During a national conference call with parents Jack and Jackie Harbaugh, and sister Joani Crean, the family got a question from "John from Baltimore."

"Is it true that both of you like Jim better than John?" the caller asked the two parents.

After an audible groan of frustration from Jackie and a few seconds of silence, suddenly Joani realized something was up and recognized her brother's voice.

"Is that John Harbaugh?" Jack excitedly asked, which brought out big laughs from the Ravens coach and his family.

"Mom was ready to come right through this phone," Jack said. "I'm so happy that Joani recognized your voice!"

The four family members spent a few seconds laughing and engaging in small talk before Harbaugh had to get out to the team's practice.

"Well you guys are doing great. It's been fun listening to a couple minutes here. You're very articulate and doing a great job," John said. "I have to go to practice now, they're calling me right now. It's good to hear your voices. Alright we'll talk to you later. Love you both. Love you, Joani."

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