Justin Forsett Blogs About His Future


This blog was written by Ravens running back Justin Forsett, and originally posted on SportsBlog.

This season has been an answer to a lot of prayers. I truly am blessed to have had an opportunity to finally show what I can do. It's been a long time coming. I've been working and fighting to get an opportunity like this and to be able to seize the moment, it's been amazing. Man, I've never been around such a group of resilient teammates. Regardless of all of the adversity we faced this year, on and off the field, every day we came to work, were focused, tried to win as many games as possible. I'm just proud to be part of this organization, proud to be a Raven.

It's a tough way to end … We were so close to reaching our goal of getting to the Super Bowl. Just one game away. To lose, after having a great game, it definitely still stings, especially when you are watching other teams play right now. It still stings a bit. But I'm excited about what the future holds. I'm a free agent this year, but if I'm back with the Ravens, I know that the future is bright here. With the young team and veteran leadership that we have, I think that we could come out next year and accomplish all of our goals. I think we've got the weapons that we need on offense, specifically. I think on defense, we are very stout. Next season will only give us time to get better. I'm excited about it.

This is a team and an organization that allowed me to go out and show what I could do, that trusted me and believed in me. I would love to stay a Raven, but there's also a business side to it, and for most of my career, I've been on the wrong side of the deal. But whatever the outcome may be, I am at peace because I am trusting that God will lead the way. If he can allow me to go out and have my best season in Year 7, when people didn't even think I'd make the team, then surely he can open up another door for me … be it here or somewhere else. That said, I would like to stay in Baltimore.

My plan is to attack this offseason and build on what I've done this year. I want to be able to come out of this offseason feeling stronger, better and faster than I have in the past. I think that now that I was able to show what I can do, there will be a lot of people wondering how I'm going to follow up this season. I'm excited to go out and show them with my pads. Thank you so much to the fans for the support! For everyone that was praying for me and cheering for me, I felt all of it. I have never been at a place where I felt so much appreciation. I thank all of you. 

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